How to clean phone charger port

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If your phone has not been charging lately or it doesn’t show up when you connect it with your computer, and that could be a result of one thing: the phone’s charging port is dirty. And as simple as it is, you need to learn how to clean phone charger port so you don’t end up causing more harm than good.

Our smartphones have become a crucial gadget in our lives. In fact, it has replaced many good old gadgets because of its versatility and portability. From communicating to doing every other thing, your mobile phone requires charging it from time to time to keep it alive.

Hence, it could be a worrisome situation when your phone won’t charge. Nonetheless, all you need most times is a clean cell phone charging port. Yeah, you've got to get dust out of that port!

 how to clean phone charger port

Signs you need to clean your phone’s charging port

One of the dominant hints you need to clean your phone's charging port is when you plug in your charger, and nothing happens. But sometimes, it could be more than a charging problem. With no whale of a time, here are some signs you need to clean your phone's charging port.

  • Your phone doesn't charge.
  • Or maybe it charges really slowly.
  • It shows the “OTG connected” prompt constantly, even without connecting another device.
  • A PC does not recognize your phone
  • And many more.

Since the charging port is not as wide as the screen that you can wipe out with a fabric cloth, it’s tricky to clean your Android or iPhone charger port. To make that easy, we’ll guide you on how to clean phone charger port in the next few minutes! Simply follow the methods introduced in this article to make your phone charge again!

How to clean phone charger port with compressed can

The more modest and fastest way to clean cell phone charging port is to shoot dry air into the port using a compressed can. It’s simple and won’t take much of your time. This requires you to purchase an affordable compressed can online or use the one you have at home.

If you’re ready with the needed tool, follow these steps to learn how to clean phone charger port with a compressed can:

  • Turn off your phone and wait for a few minutes to let it power off completely.
  • Next, grab the compressed can and point its nozzle towards the charging port.
  • Finally, give it a few good shots to let the dust and other particles fall out.
  • Power on your device again and plug in the charger to see it if works.

CAUTION: as far as it's concerned, do not be tempted to blow air into the charging port with your mouth! That could cause more harm than good. Blowing the charger connector with your mouth is similar to intentionally pouring water into it. The air from your mouth contains water vapor, which may damage the charging port as a whole.

 If your phone is still not charging after blowing out dust from the port with a compressed can, try the next method below.

How to clean charging port on phone with a toothpick

The second and last method we’d recommend you to try at home to clean your phone’s charging port is using a toothpick. Unlike a compressed can, a toothpick might allow you to get most dust and lint out of the charging port. This could also be useful to pick out sticky particles out of the port.

We guess you have a toothpick at home already. If not, borrow one stick nearby, then follow these steps to do the job:

  • Once again, power off your device.
  • Now with the toothpick in your hand, insert it into the port.
  • And from walls to walls, gently scrub it against the charging port to remove the dust.

Do it gently as much as possible to avoid damaging any part of the port.

  • When you're done with that, shake the device to clean the dust or simply blow compressed air into it once more.

CAUTION! Do not use any other material asides from a toothpick. If you don't have one, borrow from your neighbor. Dipping a metallic object into the port might cause a power conflict and damage the port, or at worse, your phone entirely.

Equally important, try not to be aggressive with the toothpick or push it forcefully against the walls of the charging port to avoid damage.

 If nothing else works, visit a Phone repair technician...

Blowing compressed air into the port and using a toothpick are the two reliable methods on how to clean charging port on phones. However, there's more to do if your phone doesn't charge after cleaning the port, but not at home. In that case, we recommend you seek assistance from a professional.

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However, we could help you repair your phone after you walk into our office. And if your TECNO, Infinix, or itel device is still under warranty, we may help you fix your damaged charging port for FREE.


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