How to download and install TECNO wallpaper on your phone

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Abraham Miller

TECNO phone usually comes with beautiful wallpapers and themes that make for a colourful user experience. But if you get tired of the boring TECNO wallpapers and you desire something different from what your phone provides, you can download and install some new wallpapers and TECNO themes.

TECNO wallpapers come in different kinds, the still and the live wallpapers but you don’t have to restrict yourself to the few options provided.  You can change your TECNO wallpaper regularly using the options on the phone. You can also download still and live wallpapers and use them on your phone too.

Let us talk briefly about how to use the wallpapers in the phone.

 how to download tecno wallpapers

Use Hi theme app

Hi theme is a feature of the HIOS launcher and it comes with recent TECNO models so you may not need to download it.

It is used to control your phone aesthetics like the look, and design of your apps, wallpapers and fonts. It also comes with wallpapers and themes of its own.

  • Launch the Hi Theme app on your TECNO phone
  • At the bottom of the screen, Tap on wallpapers
  • Select the wallpaper of your choice, and tap Apply
  • Accept the permission to download with your data
  • Click set as Home screen
  • Close the app and check out your home screen

You can also use the Hi Theme app to change your TECNO Themes.

  • Launch the Hi Theme app
  • At the bottom of the screen, Tap on Theme
  • Navigate and select your preferred theme
  • You can either purchase it for a token or watch ads
  • Tap download and Tap apply

You can use the weekly tab on the Hi Theme app to check for new themes weekly.

Use TECNO wallpapers from your phone

  • Launch the Settingsapp
  • Select Display
  • Select Wallpaper
  • Choose any of the folders
  • Select a TECNO wallpaper that suits you

You will realize that the options here are limited. Also when you click the live wallpapers folder, you will notice it is empty. This is why you need to download wallpapers.

Use a media file from your gallery

You can also use a media file from your gallery as the phone wallpaper, be it an image or a live video.

  • Go to Gallery on your phone and then select the images
  • Select your favorite image and open it
  • Next, tap on the three-dots bar at the right top corner and select set as wallpaper

This post gives you access to a wide variety of options, and you can change the wallpapers as often as you please. Don’t wait until you get bored from starring at the same wallpaper on your phone. Try out stylish and cool designs using these solutions.