How to fix Google Assistant not working

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Did you currently open your Google  Assistant, and it betrayed you? Or it acts like it's deaf and dumb when you say the "Hey Google " voice command? That doesn't mean it's wretched. It's what you can fix easily. Precisely follow our guide on how to fix Google  Assistant not working

Google  Assistant is one of the most valuable assistants you can find out there. Asides its impressive features, Google  Assistant is fun to be with. That makes it a frustrating issue when Google  assistant is not working. Luckily, there are many ways to fix the popular voice assistant in various angles the problem might emerge from. Over here are the fixes to try to fix Google  assistant not working or responding.  

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Restart your phone.

For your Google  Assistant not to work doesn't mean it's down as you think. It might be a minor issue you can fix by restarting your phone. Typically, restarting your phone is what you should do periodically. It's easy to do and could fix many issues.

Here's how to restart your phone:

  • On some phones, you can restart your phone by pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds.
  • Otherwise, restart your phone through the power menu. Press and hold the Power button until a menu is shown. Tap/swipe Restart to reboot your phone.

Now try using Google  Assistant after your device restarts. If not working still, refer to other solutions below.

Check your Internet connection.

As you presumably know, Google  Assistant needs a smooth network connection to communicate between you and the server. Thus, the "ok Google  not working"

The problem may emerge if you're not connected to the internet. Perhaps your WiFi is out of range or your mobile data has expired.

Here, you need to confirm if you have a working internet connection. Just try opening a webpage on your browser or send a WhatsApp text. If it works well, that means poor internet didn't cause the problem, refer to other solutions below to fix the issues.

Make sure your Android device supports it.

Considering your Android version, system language, and your phone hardware components, Google  Assistant might not work on your phone. For the Google  Assistant to work flawlessly on your phone, it has to meet the following requirements, as analyzed by Google .

  • Minimum of Android 5.0 and 1GB of RAM.
  • Google App 6.13 or later (recommended - latest stable version).
  • Google Play Services.
  • A screen resolution of 720 pixels or more
  • More so, your device language has to do with if Google Assistant would work or not. Ensure to set your device language to a supported language like English, French, Portuguese, etc.

Make sure Google  Assistant is enabled

 There are various ways to open the Google  Assistant on your phone.

  • By long-pressing the Home button, or swiping out from the bottom edge if you use Android 10 navigation gestures.
  • By pressing a dedicated Google Assistant button on your phone. (Like the TECNO POUVOIR 4)
  • Or by saying the "Hey Google " voice command.

If you use your Google  Assistant hands-free with the Hey Google  or Ok Google  voice command, make sure you turn the feature on. Perhaps you've disabled it unconsciously. Here's how to re-enable it.

  • Open your Google
  • Tap on more from the bottom bar and then select Settings from the menu.
  • Click on Voice, and then select Voice Match to access the voice settings for the Assistant.
  • You'll see a window showings the Assistant's settings, toggle on  Hey Google , and follow the instructions on the screen

Check the permissions for Google  app.

For Google  Assistant to work properly on your phone, you need to grant the Google  app all necessary permissions, especially, the permission to use the microphone. Without these, GGoogle  assistant may not work or respond. Here's how to check and grant all necessary permissions for your Google  app:

  • Open the Settings app, then select Apps & notifications.
  • Click on See all apps, then find Google and open it.
  • When you're in the app settings page, tap on Permissions to view what the Google app can access on your device.
  • Toggle on all necessary permissions from the screen and use your Google Assistant again.

Retrain the voice model.

If what you do to open your Assistant is say the "Ok Google " or "Hey Google " voice command, you probably should retrain your Assistant to relearn and recognize your voice. With little change in your voice, Google  Assistant might lose trust and refuse to respond to your request, especially on the lock screen. Here, you have to retrain the voice model. Here's how to do that:

  • Launch the Google  app from your app drawer.
  • Look straight to the bottom bar and tap on More,then select
  • Select Google Assistant from the list (you need an active internet connection to do this).
  • Now tap on Voice Match.
  • In the next screen, make sure Hey Google is turned on already, or do that first.
  • After that is settled, tap on Voice Model.
  • It would bring two options in the next screen, tap on the Retrain voice model, and then follow your Assistant's guide to complete the voice retraining process.
  • It's straightforward, just place your phone the way you would do when speaking to the assistant, and follow the instructions. Google will ask you to say the "Ok Google " and "Hey Google " voice commands, respond to them as you would talk to your friend.
  • Tap on Finish when you finish the process.

Clear the cached data of Google  app

As well as retraining your voice model, also clear the cached data of the Google  app. Though the cache makes the app work efficiently by storing some needed data for continuous usage, this cache might also slow down the performance of the app if it's too much or corrupted. Here's how to clear cached data of Google  app.

  • Open your device
  • Select Apps & notifications, tap on See all apps.
  • Find and click on Google
  • Select Storage & cache.
  • Finally, tap on Clear cache.

Is your phone’s microphone working well?

Unless you want to use your Google  Assistant like you're chatting over the text, you need to have a working microphone.

There're quick ways to check if your microphone is working. Here they are:

  1. You can call a friend over the phone and ask if he/she can hear your voice.
  2. Better still, head over to your local Sound Recorder app and try recording your voice. Playback the recorded audio to test the microphone.

If you couldn't hear your voice over the recorded sound or phone call, then the root of the problem is the microphone. The least you can do here is take it to a competent repairer or keep using headphones (with a working microphone) in the meantime.

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