Simple tricks on how to fix left earphone not working

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Abraham Miller

Earphones are one of the most used instruments daily on your smartphones. Perhaps you're a lover of music? Then, your earphone is subjected to be used in different locations such as in the rain, sun, kitchen, outside the hems of your house, and sometimes wrapped casually in your pocket. In instances where the left ear is not working, you'll be unhappy and find every possible means to replace the pair. Yet, you may not need to throw it away because there are simple ways of how to fix left earphone not working. 

Buying a new earphone is not always the best option, although one ear is not deemed to be used to hear music, make calls, and watch videos. It may be easy to buy for you, but you may need to opt for a repair when the costly ones are faulty to save your money.

Do you want to know how to fix left earphones not working on your smartphone or your left wireless earbud not working? Here's a detailed thread on how to fix it

 left earphone is not working

Reasons Why Your Left Earphone Stops Working

Before we delve into guiding you on how to fix left earphone not working, here are some possible causes of the problem.

1. Cable Bending

One of the reasons why your earphone stopped working is because you casually bend the cables to suit your pockets or backpack. The earphone is visibly a tiny and fragile cable that requires extra care while handling. These cables should be gently bent in your pocket when climbing on a bike or in your backpack when not used.

2. Damaged Cable

A cable cut automatically disconnects the transmission of sounds from your plug to the earphone jack. This can occur as a result of overstretching your earphone when in use. You'll possibly need to bind the cables together to continue using it, and it's sometimes not feasible.

3. Shortage In Wire

This is somehow related to a damaged cable. A shortage in a wire will place a fault on you. In this case, your left earphone will stop working abruptly. Afterwards, you can trace the point where there's a feeling of a slight break with your touch and amend.

How to Fix Left Earphone Not Working

now that you’re aware of the cause of the problem, follow these tricks to learn how to fix left earphone not working.

1. Test and Repair the Earphone Cable.

The first attempt you should make when your left earphone stops working is to test the cable. Your earphone's tiny cable can be tested by inserting the earphone plug into your smartphone and make several bends with your fingers to detect a possible point of a cable break.

If the left earphone makes a sound while pressing, then the problem is from the wire. Afterwards, make an inscription on the point at which you detected a sound while bending. Get a blade or sharp material to peel the exact point of the cable and straighten the wire.

2. Test Your Earphone Plug

Your earphone plug is the pointed part that's attached to your smartphone. This plug is the centre point where the pair of earphones are joined together. Most times, it might not be the earphone plug, but, you need to erase every doubt.

Make a gentle touch to the angles of the plug with your earphone placed in the ear. If the problem is from the plug you will hear an unstable sound from the left earphone. To fix this point, you need to apply extra care in order not to tamper with the other connection point. In this case, a soldering iron will be needed.

Get a sharp instrument to scrap the upper point of the plug gently. Press and feel the connection point of the left earphone, after which you'll remove and solder again.

3. Check Your Audio Settings

You may not know that an equalizer has been enabled in your audio settings. Equalizers amplify different sounds like Pops, Rock, etc. You can forget that you or a friend created a custom Equalizer that prevents your device from transmitting sounds to the left earphone/earbud.

Check your audio settings now to look for a possible custom setting.

4. Disable Mono Audio

The mono audio option enables your left and right speakers to play the same quality of audio without a stereo effect. The Mono Audio option is recommended for those who have a better hearing of one ear in an earphone. However, the mono audio option is also needed to be disabled on a left wireless earbud not working

The mono option can be disabled in a few steps as follows:

  • Locate your device Settings
  • Click on Accessibility
  • You may need to click on Hearing enhancement on some devices.
  • Then, disable Mono Audio

Also, ensure the Audio balance below the Mono Audio toggle is at the centre. If not, drag the slider to the middle to balance the sound output of your earphones.

5. Check And Loosen The Front Case

Your earphone front case is the rounded figure where the speaker is placed and inserted into your ear. The front case is a metal-like structure with tiny cables soldered to it. You can loosen it with bare hands, or by applying a sharp material to the two lines that intersect the two covers. You can also apply this method to a left wireless earbud not working

Perhaps, there can be a possible cut of the left earphone on the speaker. You can fix this with a soldering iron

6. Consider A Replacement

If these options on how to fix left earphone not working well do not work with the left earphones and ear bud. Then you can opt for a replacement at a reliable store.

There it is! You’ve successfully learned how to fix left earphone not working on any device. If none of the tricks worked for you, however, consider buying a new pair of wired headphones. Or better still, switch to wireless earbuds.