How to fix volume button not working on Android

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Abraham Miller

In this digital age, listening to music, podcasts, voice notes, videos and the likes with our phones is a major feature of our daily lives. Imagine you're about to listen to your favourite song and you want to increase the volume all up so you dance and sing with your shower head alongside in the bathroom; then you notice as you press your volume button, nothing happens. You try two or more times and same thing occurs. It hits you that your phone volume button is not working. You're perplexed and confused of what must have gone wrong. Before you hit the curb in a state of panic and fury, let's examine how you can fix the volume button not working

phone volume button not working android



Firstly, you need to look at your volume button critically to identify if there's any dent on it which makes it to be pressed in or stuck instead of the normal way it should be. If there are dents on it, probably caused by a fall or scratch, which has damaged the key, then this may be the cause of it not working.


Try rebooting your phone by long pressing your power button for about thirty seconds till a menu comes, then click on restart or switch your phone off and on again. Rebooting your phone helps restart all background services and the software of your phone. This would help in the case if there was a software crash. After restarting, check if the volume button works. 


After trying the above methods to fix the volume button and if it still doesn't work, then it is more likely a hardware issue. Perhaps the volume button is broken and needs to be changed. You can seek a virtual replacement by using soft keys to increase and decrease the volume.  This can be used for now before seeking professional help. You can do this through different ways, I'll be mentioning three methods.

  • Use of Sound Widget.

You can create a sound Widget on your home screen that would enable you to adjust the volume. To do this go to widget >> settings >> sound  

  • Android Accessibility Menu

Android accessibility menu also provides soft keys options for your volume button. The accessibility suite is a panel which has a range of shortcuts such as Google assistant, volume, brightness, screenshot among other options. Go to Settings >> Accessibility >> Accessibility menu.

  • Download Virtual Volume Button App

There are some apps that have been created to virtually replace your volume button. You can download a virtual volume button application from Play store. Just go to Play store and search for volume button,  download and install an app that meets your needs.


Check if your volume button has any foreign particle on it. If there are foreign particles, you can remove it with the aid of tissue paper. Beware of poking sharp objects such as toothpick, office clips, needles or broom as this could damage the volume key.


You may need to factory reset your phone if the problem still persists. Ensure you back up your data before doing this as a factory reset would wipe off all the data from your phone. Go to settings, click on system and select factory reset. Check if the volume button works after factory resetting the phone.

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After trying the above methods, your last resort should be to seek professional help to repair the volume buttons by visiting a service center. Do not just give any roadside technician your phone to repair rather ensure you visit a service center. Carlcare is a service center brand with professional phone experts which offers support and repair services. Carlcare has over two thousand service centers in over fifty eight countries. Carlcare is the only official repair service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and Itel. They have offered repair services to over 100 million-plus customers. They offer fast repair in less than two hours. You can use the Carlcare app to book a repair session and also get a price estimate of the cost. You'll surely get the volume button of your phone repaired correctly and promptly at Carlcare.