11 fixes to try if the phone won't download apps

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Abraham Miller

It could be disheartening when your phone won't download apps normally. When this occurs, there are reasons why this happens. Below are the possible reasons and the available solutions to each challenge when you are unable to download app to download apps on your Phone.

 phone won't download apps

 Internet connection has no data or data limit exceeded

Your internet connection has no data, or the data limit set on your phone has been exceeded. To resolve this, you need to check your data subscription to ensure that it is still available. If the data limit was exceeded, you need to reset the limits on your phone and make another attempt.

Application is not supported

If you are unable to download app on your phone, it may occur when the application is not supported by your phone. At this point, you need to check other apps that perform similar functions and make another attempt. If other apps can be downloaded properly, it may be an issue for a specific app that won’t be downloaded on your phone.

Insufficient memory to download any new app

Here, you need to check your installation location. If the installation comes with insufficient memory, you need to change the location to your SD card or somewhere else and try to download the app again.

Check whether the app download Permission is allowed

Some apps require special permission from your phone before they can be downloaded or installed. If such permissions are not set from your phone, it may cause the problem of apps not downloading. To resolve this, perhaps you should download your apps from the Google play store, or from any other verified app store whose apps are from verified manufacturers. This will arrest the need to alter the settings of your phone to disallow the downloading of apps from unknown sources.

The phone’s software has one or several bugs.

There could also be malware in your system that could be the reason why your phone won’t download apps.  To resolve this, you try to restart your phone to erase these possibilities. If the problem still exists, you may do a factory reset but please ensure that important files are backed up properly. In this way, they can still be recovered even after a reset.

Clear the cache

Your phone’s cache could be another reason when you can’t download apps. You need to have them cleared out. To do so, go to settings, select 'apps', from the menu. A list of all the apps installed on your phone will be shown. Tap on the app you want to clear the cache. To be sure that all cache data on the phone is cleared out, you may need to do this app by app, until you have exhausted the list. This may be time-consuming, but worth it if your phone is slowed down by them.

 clear cache

Update the system

When your phone won’t download apps, it may result from an outdated system version.  The outdated system hampers the ability of the phone in a lot of ways. To resolve this, you need to update or upgrade your phone’s operating system. To enhance the performance of your phone, you need to make it a habit to consciously update your phone’s operating system at least every three months.

Resync the account with Google play store

Delete the account associated with your Google play store, restart your phone, and resync the account with your play store, if the downloading issue also occurs from apps that you seek to download from Google play store.

The app could be corrupt itself

This reason should be peculiar to one app and not many apps simultaneously. If you can’t download a specific app, try to download other apps and see whether it works well.

Check the backup files

Check if there is a previous version of the app you wish to download in your backup list. Sometimes we forget that a particular app had been backed up previously on a storage device before a phone loss or replacement. Downloading such apps all over again may result in error messages. To resolve this , go the location where the app was previously backed up, reinstall from that location, and upgrade.

Perhaps your phone is having a simple hang-up that can be resolved when restarting your phone. Restart your phone, and make another attempt.

Find a professional phone repair provider

If any of the options above do not help and your phone won’t download apps, it’s time for you to pay a visit to a professional phone repair provider like Carlcare service center.  As the official after-sales service center for TECNO,Infinix and itel phone users, Carlcare will help you fix any phone-related issues including apps not installing.

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