How to Remove A Cracked Screen Protector

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One reliable way most of us guard our phone screens against cracking is by applying a tempered glass protector on them. However, the screen protector finishes its job once you’re successful in cracking it– you need to replace it. And while you can easily remove and replace the screen protector yourself (if the main screen is still in good condition), many people don’t know how to go about it. Or simply put, they’re afraid it’ll go wrong. Well, if you’re in that shoe, the solutions below would help you about how to remove a cracked screen protector

 how to remove a cracked phone screen protector

How to remove a cracked screen protector

Removing a screen protector – whether cracked or intact – from your screen can be as hard as removing plaster from a wound. Don’t panic! What that means is that you need to be gentle and extra careful while doing so, so you don’t rip off your phone screen.

And before you start, keep in mind that different tempered glass protectors vary in their protection level. Hence, one may stick to the screen than the other, depending on the quality of adhesive material used.

In some cases, you may not need anything to detach your phone’s broken screen protector. And in most cases, you may need to use a toothpick or a credit card. We start with the simplest method!

Note: If you find your phone screen is also broken, we do not suggest you remove the cracked screen protector by yourself as it may damage your phone screen.

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Let your fingernails do the trick

If you have long nails – perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t bite your nails, removing your broken screen protector should be easy without needing any equipment.

And by saying long nails, you necessarily don’t need to fix artificial nails. Just ensure your fingernail is a bit elevated above your finger flesh, then follow the steps below.

  1. You may shut down your phone, although that’s not necessary.
  2. Using your fingernail, try to lift the screen protector gently up from the top or bottom corner. Don’t start from the sides to make the process easier.
  3. Once you see the screen protector coming up, continue pulling it in the same direction.
  4. Now, you should have enough gap between the screen protector and the main screen. Move your hands to the remaining sides and keep pulling the screen protector until you finish removing it. Doing so will prevent the screen protector from shattering or leaving behind particles while you removing it.  

Try using a credit card and a toothpick

Even if you don’t have long fingernails, you can still remove your broken screen protector with no hassle. To achieve that, you need a credit card and a toothpick.

You have a credit card. Don’t you? Now get a toothpick and follow the steps below to detach your cracked screen protector.

  1. Grab the toothpick and point one of its sharp ends to one of the corners on the screen protector.
  2. Now, use the toothpick to pry up and create a gap between the glass protector and your phone screen.
  3. Once there’s a gap, use your finger to pull up the screen protector gently along the sides.
  4. And finally, insert the credit card into the gap and use it to lift the tempered glass protector off the screen.
  5. Once removed, you can wipe your phone screen with a soft cloth.

Should you remove a cracked screen protector yourself?

Depending on how hard your phone hit the ground and how bad it got cracked, it might not be recommendable to remove a cracked screen protector yourself.

That is, if both the main screen and the protector got broken after dropping your phone, we suggest you do not remove the cracked screen protector yourself. In such a case where you need to replace the cracked phone screen, removing the screen protector straightaway may cause more harm than good.

So, instead of removing the cracked screen protector yourself, we recommend you visit the service centre where they’ll remove it and fix your cracked phone screen altogether.

Where to fix a cracked phone screen

We all wish tempered glass screen protectors could guard our phone screens forever. However, nothing lasts forever. Even the toughest screen protectors break effortlessly after several drops. And as you continue to change them after every drop, your phone’s main screen gets weaker and may shatter anytime your phone drops.

If unfortunately, your main screen cracked alongside the screen protector after dropping your phone, you should find the official service centre for your brand to replace the broken screen. Luckily, if you use a TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone, you’re at the right place.

Carlcare is the only authorized customer service provider for these brands, and you can rest assured of getting your screen fixed by a learned technician who uses high-quality spare parts and tools. With that, you also get up to 30 days of reliable warranty to confirm the genuineness of the service rendered to you.

More so, you don’t have to travel afar to fix your broken screen. Simply book an appointment with us and have your screen fixed at the closest official service centre near you.