How To Remove Water From Phone Speaker

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See, it's not only you. We get clumsy sometimes to the extent of spilling water on our phones. Even if you were not clumsy, chances are some water got trapped into your phone's speaker grill accidentally, and it resulted in muffled sound production. You don’t have to worry though, as we’re going to tell you easy tips on how to remove water from the phone speakers in this article. Just get prepared to try out the tips!

 how to get water out of phone speaker

How to remove water from a phone speaker

Hearing those muffled sounds could ignite the fear of having a damaged speaker in you. However, it’s not that serious if you act fast!

Modern phones, even ones with no IP ratings, usually have some protection to block water damage for a certain period. So, if you act fast, you may not need to visit the service center to replace your phone speaker.

To clean water from the phone speaker, you either need to play a loud sound to push out the water, leave the phone under room temperature to get it dried, or visit the repair center.

Try these tips and tricks to clean water from a phone speaker and how do I fix distorted sound on your phone?

1. Check your phone for the Speaker Cleaner feature!

Some Android phone skins have a dedicated feature to remove foreign particles from the phone speaker when it doesn't sound good. The feature blasts high-pitched sounds at the loudest volume to remove water, dust, and other foreign particles from your phone speaker.

So, before you try any other solution in this article, kindly check your phone for such a feature. It could surface as “Speaker Cleaner”, “Clear Speaker”, or whatever your OEM calls it under the sound or additional settings.

For instance, the feature exists as "Clear Speaker" on some phones running MiUI software. You can visit Settings → Additional Settings → Clear Speaker and follow the on-screen instructions to clean water from the phone speaker.

2. Download an app to get water out of the phone speaker and ear speaker

If your phone doesn’t have the Speaker Cleaner feature, you can still play a high-pitched sound to eject the water from your phone speaker. However, playing songs from your library anyhow won't pull any trigger. There are sounds made specifically to clean water from phone speakers, and that’s what you need.

And speaking of that, you don’t need to wander around looking for those audio files, as you can use an app to get water out of the phone speaker and earpiece. Many of those apps on the Play Store carry the “Speaker Cleaner” title, and they work like a charm.

Like the native "Speaker Cleaner" feature on phones, these apps play a loud, vibrating sound that gets water out of the phone speaker.

Here’s how to remove water from a mobile speaker with an app:

  • Install and launch the “Speaker Cleaner - Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound” app from the Play Store.  
  • Disconnect from your Bluetooth speaker or earbuds if you’re using any of them.
  • Increase your phone volume to the maximum
  • In the app, make sure the switch is set to ( You can switch to Ear Speaker to get water out of ear speaker after)
  • Now, hit the “Start Cleaning” button and position the phone in a way that the speaker is facing down.

It may take up to a minute or more before it completes the process. Once completed, try playing a song to see if your phone speaker sounds well now. Otherwise, repeat the process two or three times. You can even change the sound mode

3. Let the water dry out

Sincerely speaking, blasting high-pitched sound to get water out of the phone speaker would only work in some cases (maybe if the water didn't go deep inside the speaker). In most cases, what works is leaving the phone somewhere to dry completely.

You can leave the phone at room temperature for several hours (usually 24 hours at max) to dry out. Just ensure you place the phone in such a way that the affected speaker is facing down.

Alternatively, you can bury your phone in uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. Doing so is effective to drain water from the phone speaker because the nature of rice is to suck in every liquid/moisture around it.

Still no luck? Fix your water-damaged phone.

Unfortunately, if none of our tips on how to remove water from mobile speakers could bring back your muffled speaker to life, you might just have hit the solution you can try at home.

As said earlier in this article, you may be able to salvage your water-damaged phone speaker if you act fast. If, however, it was late before you found these DIY tricks on how to remove water from a phone speaker, your last option is to visit the repair center.

More so, it's advisable to let a technician check your phone if it is too long inside the water. Who knows? The water might have damaged other sensitive parts of the phone. Kindly visit the official service center for your brand to get your speaker dried up!

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