How to set a reminder on Android

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Abraham Miller

In today's world, filled with distractions and plenty of tasks to carry out here and there, setting reminders is one of the coolest ways to ensure you don't lose track along the way. Technology has gone a far way by not making your smartphone a communication tool alone, but a productivity machine. And if you've got an Android phone, there are various ways to set reminders on your phone, so you don't get into trouble for not completing your tasks. We'll take you through various simple ways about how to set a reminder on Android phone in this article.

 how to set a reminder in android

Google Calendar

Arguably everyone who uses Android has Google Calendar pre-installed on their phones, and it serves not just for checking dates only. It has the most features of a digital calendar. It's connected to your Google accounts and synchronizes across your devices. Say you've got a birthday reminder, an upcoming event or even your daily tasks, Google Calendar is ever ready for you. With the simple steps below, you can easily set reminder in Android using the Google Calendar on your phone.

Step 1: Open the Google Calendar app from your app drawer. It's generally named as Calendar.

Step 2:  Right inside the app, look straight to the bottom right corner of the screen and tap the "+" button. A list of what you can add would show up.

Step 3: On the list, tap Reminder.

Step 4: Time to get the work done. Type in what you want to be reminded of in the 'Remind me to...' text field. If you have different accounts on your phone, simply tap Reminders to select your default account. Select a preferred date you want your reminder to come in. You may toggle off the All-day button and set a specific time for your reminder. Finally, you can select if you want a recurring reminder on the last option, then save the reminder.

With an Alarm

You probably have been using the Alarm app on your phone just in the morning when you need it to wake you up. But it's also an incredible tool for creating quick reminders. The best part of it is that most phones let you use different alarm sound on each alarm you set, which means you can easily remember what you set an alarm for when your phone rings. Cool, right? Here's how to set reminder on Android using your alarm clock.  

Step 1: As usual, open the Clock app on your phone.

Step 2: While you're in the Clock app, tap the + button below the screen to add a new alarm.

Step 3: Set a preferred time for your alarm reminder. Right there, click on Label to set your reminder title. You may also take it further by tweaking alarm options to suit your needs. After that, make sure you toggle on the alarm button.

Google Assistant

Wait. How about telling your assistant to set a reminder for you just by using your voice? Like saying "Remind me to call Mom by 4 pm"... Google Assistant makes that possible. Just like you would tell your office assistant to do something for, you can also instruct Google Assistant to set a reminder on Android for you, and it will go straight to your Google Calendar. Here's how to create a reminder  on Android using Google Assistant.

Step 1: Open your Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button or swiping out from the bottom edges if you use Gesture Navigations on Android 10 and above.

Step 2: As soon as the Assistant comes up, say your reminder and time. You can say "Remind me to call Mom by 4 pm", for instance. You can also tap the microphone below the screen and say something like "Set a reminder", to edit your reminder details manually.

Using some apps

If the built-in methods mentioned above are not beating to your rhymes; maybe you want something simpler or an app that have more features, there are many third-party apps you can use to set a reminder in Android phone. Here, we've chosen to use Google Keep and Microsoft To-Do. They're both free apps and you can get them from the Play Store

Google Keep

This app is used primarily for taking notes. But it has some more features that let you make to-do lists and even set reminders; all of which is synchronized to your Google account. The best part of Google Keep is that you can set reminders based on locations. Like reminding you to clean your kitchen when you get home and many more. Follow the simple steps below to set reminders using Google Keep.

Step 1: Open Google Keep on your phone.

Step 2: Click the large "+" button in the bottom right corner to add a new note.

Step 3: Edit the Title and add some notes under it. Tap the bell icon in the top right corner of the screen to set a reminder for the note.

Step 4: Select the date and time for the reminder, then save it.

Microsoft to do

If you use a Windows laptop, Microsoft To-Do is the best way to synchronize your reminders between your phone and your PC. It works just like using Google Keep. To get started you need to download  it from the Play Store and sign in your Microsoft account, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft To-Do on your phone and sign-in your Microsoft account o register a new one.

Step 2: Tap any of the preset lists or create a new one by tapping "New list" below the screen.

Step 3: On the selected list page, tap the "+" button below the screen to add a new task. Enter the task name and tap Remind me to set a reminder for it.

Step 4: Now pick a preferred date and time for the reminder. If you wish, you may tap the Repeat button to set a recurring reminder. Tap the upload button to save the task.