How to share location on Android

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Getting your friends or relatives to attend a party could be quite challenging sometimes, distally if they have no clue of where the location is. To ensure no one is lost or get into trouble along the way, we'll show you how to share location on android with anyone in this article if the need arises.

 share location on android

Share location in google maps

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most used GPS and navigation app, not just Android, but generally. Aside from managing your commute, getting the location of places, etc., google map real-time location also lets you share your real-time locale with selected people, and you can choose to cancel it anytime. Maybe you're trying to get a friend to your new home, a bar, or anywhere; Location Sharing on Google Maps is a lifesaver for you. And since virtually everyone on Android has Google Maps pre-installed on their phones, sharing your location is easier and faster. Just follow our easy guidelines below about share location in google maps. But before that, ensure you're running the latest version of Google Maps or get it on the Play Store.

  • Open Google Maps on your phone.
  • As soon as Maps is launched, you'll see your current location on the maps. Look straight to the top right corner of the screen and tap your profile picture to show the Maps menu.

 google maps location sharing

  • Right from there, select Location Sharing.
  • When you're on the Location Sharing page, tap Share Location to get started.

 share location in google

  • The next page will show you some details encompassing your battery level, contacts who use Google Maps, and some other apps you can share your location on. Click on the clock icon above your contacts to select sharing duration. The default duration is set to an hour, but you can tap the +or - buttons to increase or decrease the period. If you want to keep sharing the location for as long as you wish, you can select "Until you turn this off".

 send location to friends

  • After setting the duration, select a contact you want to send google location. Your recent contacts will show up first, but you can swipe to the left and tap More to show all your contacts. Select the corresponding contacts and tap Send below the screen.

The selected contact(s) will receive a notification on their phone, and they'll be able to see your real-time location when they join. Meanwhile, if the contacts don't have Google Maps, you'll be prompted to share a link with them via SMS or Email.

To further share your live location with more people, you can send a link to them, and they'll join you when they receive it. While still on the Location Sharing page, click on "Sharing via link" and copy the link. You can now send the link as messages to everyone you want to share your live location with.

You can stop sharing your location anytime from the Location Sharing page. Just click the person you're sharing google location with from there, then tap Stop. Their details will still be saved there in case you need to share your location with them again. You can also tap the 3-dot icon on the profile and tap Remove from list if you don't need them in the future

 Share location on android via Facebook Messenger

As well as some other Instant Messaging apps, Facebook Messenger lets you share location on Android  with anyone you wish. Facebook has a huge fan base, and most of your friends are probably on its Messenger app, making it a fast and easier way to share your location with them. Like Google Maps, you have control over who can see your location, and when to share it with them. You can also change your mind and stop sharing your location anytime. Follow the steps below to share your location on Facebook Messenger.

  • Launch the Messenger app on your phone.
  • Select a friend you want to share your location with from recent chats or use the search bar to get a friend quickly.
  • While you're on the conversation page, you'll see some attachment tools and a text field below the conversation. Tap on the 'four-dot" icon before the camera icon to see more tools.
  • From there, tap
  • You may need to allow location permission first if you've not yet done so. Follow the on-screen guide to grant location permission for Messenger.
  • After that, tap the blue button that says "START SHARING LIVE LOCATION for 60 min"

That's just it. Your friend will receive your real-time locale right away. If you use Android 10 and above, you may need to stay on the Messenger app for the receiver to continue receiving your real-time direction. You can stop sharing anytime from the conversation or right from your notifications panel.

Snap chat

Snap chat also has its form of sharing your real-time location on Android with your friends. With Snap Map, you can share your direction with a friend or some selected friends. Just like Facebook Messenger, the receiver will continue to be in touch with you for a few hours, as long as you're using Snap chat. Follow the steps below to share your location with friends on Snap chat.

  • Open the Snap chat app on your phone.
  • After opening Snap chat, swipe left on the screen to show your Chatsor tap the chats icon below the screen.
  • Long-press on a friend's name you want to share your location with.
  • Click on the username to visit his/her profile/friendship page.
  • When you're on the friendship page, select Share My Location under the Snap Map section. You can now choose who to share your locale with on the Snap Map. If you wish to share your whereabouts with the selected friend alone, click on only <your friend's name>. You'll receive a blue pop-up message saying "Location Sent". The first option under Snap Map will also change to "Shared Location!"

That's how to share location on Android. Your friend will get your real-time territory for some hours, provided the Snap chat app is active on your phone.

In regards to the Privacy update on Android 10 and above, which affects how apps can use your Location permission in the background, Messenger and Snap chat cannot have access to your location when you're not currently using them or when your screen is off. Google Maps remains the most legit and easiest way to share your real-time location  with friends. It can get your location permission in the background, making it easier for you to do other things while sharing your locale.