How to turn off autocorrect and predictive text on Android

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Abraham Miller

In this article, you would learn how to turn off  autocorrect and predictive tex on Android t if it's becoming problematic for you on your Android phone.

Just like any feature on a smartphone, autocorrect and predictive text have their ups and downs. They can help you correct your misspelled words, or they can ruin the entire conversation for you. The reason these features exist on your phone is to help you make fewer errors while typing. But, if they do more harm than good, you may want to turn  off autocorrect on Anroid.  

 how to turn off autocorrect on android

How to turn off autocorrect on Android

Especially if you type with mixed languages, autocorrect may always put you in trouble by twisting what your sentence means. If you're in this shoe, follow the simple steps below to disable autocorrect on Android, and gain full control over your text.

  • Open your device's Settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select System, then tap on Languages & input.(Note: depending on your Android version or custom UI, you may find Languages & input in the main Settings page instead.)
  • After that, tap on Virtual Keyboards.
  • Select Gboard(or your active keyboard) on the list. This should take you to the keyboard's settings.
  • Tap on Text correction in this section.
  • In the "Corrections" section, tap on Auto-correction to disable autocorrect.

How to turn off predictive text in Android

Similarly to autocorrect, the predictive text uses AI to guess your next word while typing, based on your typing history. This feature is very useful if you're the only one who types on your phone. But other people can easily get what you typed last if they type on your phone, making it an unsafe feature to use if you care about your privacy. Here's how to turn off predictive text on Android

  • Follow the same steps as directed above.
  • Tap on Text correction.
  • Now toggle off Next-word suggestions (or Predictive text) to disable the feature.

What other text corrections are available on Android phone?

Android keyboards have been developed to a stage where they can help you construct good sentences easily, even when you're a novice. These features can compose a complete sentence for you with the aid of predictions learned your texts, making it feel like they read your mind. Here's a list of other text-correction options available on Android.

Auto space after punctuation.

If you're the type that always forgets to use the space bar after you typing comma or any punctuation in your sentence, this feature will help you do so. With this, you can type freely without worrying about using the space bar frequently when you type punctuation.

Auto capitalization.

Just like "auto space after punctuation", this feature helps you capitalize the first word of each sentence. It can also help you with the names of people of places if you forget to capitalize them.

Double-space period.

Save yourself from the stress and type faster! This feature helps you insert a period (full stop) and space when you double-tap the space bar. Normally, you would only have done that by first tapping the full stop, then the space bar to end a sentence.

All this features can be enabled or disabled from Settings > System > Languages & input > Virtual Keyboard > Gboard > Text corrections.