Infinix Hot 9 vs Infinix S5:Review, Specs and Specifications

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Infinix has a wide range of affordable Android smartphone series, some of which focus on different aspects such as large display, batteries, performance, and more. In the case of the Infinix Hot 9 vs. Infinix S5, you should know beforehand that the Infinix Hot series is targeted at a more affordable price than the S series, which makes the Infinix S5 superior to some extent like performance and camera.

Comparison review about Infinix Hot 9 vs. Infinix S5

Design & Display

 Phone Models 

Infinix Hot 9

Infinix S5


76.8 x 165 x 8.7mm

76 x 164 x 7.9mm


6.6" HD+ Infinity-O Display

720*1600 pixels

6.6" HD+ Waterdrop Display

720*1600 pixels


So, Infinix switched over to a rounded rectangular-shaped camera module on most of its devices in 2020, all of which are still prominent even in 2021, though of different sizes. And in that way, you can differentiate the look of the Infinix Hot 9 and Infinix S5 easily at a glance. You get a polycarbonate build with shining gradient finishes on both devices. They both look beautiful and not cheap, instead, they're sturdy and could survive several drops without breaking the back cover. They also look similar in dimensions, and they're comfortable to hold on your palms - but the Infinix Hot 9 is thicker, a bit taller, and heavier, thanks to the 5000mAh powerhouse living inside of it.

Meanwhile, both devices haven't changed on the front, even in 2021 - you get the usual Infinity-O display, which makes the screen almost uninterrupted. The two Infinix phones feature the same 6.6" HD+ IPS LCD screen, with a max resolution of 720*1600 pixels.

Performance, Software & Features

Phone Models

Infinix Hot 9

Infinix S5


Helio A25

Helio P22





128GB; Expandable up to 256GB

128GB; Expandable up to 128GB


XOS 6.0 based on Android 10

XOS 5.5 based on Android 9


Let's start with the performance, both the Infinix Hot 9 and Infinix S5 are powered by different budget processors by MediaTek.

The differences between the two devices also extended slightly in their memory. You get up to 128GB of storage configuration on both devices, but the Infinix S5 bumps up the RAM by an extra 2GB, making it 6GB of RAM compared to 4GB of RAM on the HOT 9. You will see the difference in RAM while running multiple apps on both devices; the additional 2GB of RAM on the Infinix S5 allows you to keep more apps running in the background.

Meanwhile, with all that said, there's also an Infinix S5 variant with 4GB RAM + 64GB storage, as well as an Infinix Hot 9 variant that goes for as low as 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. So, the overall performance is also determined by the memory configuration of which of the devices you choose to purchase.

On to the software, the Infinix Hot S5 was launched back in the year 2019 and it comes out of the box with XOS 5 based Android 9 Pie on board. Infinix Hot 9, on the flip side, shipped out with a more recent XOS 6 based on Android 10 software.

Battery Life

Phone models

Infinix Hot 9

Infinix S5

Battery Capacity



Charger Output

10W (5V-2A)

10W (5V-2A)


When it comes to endurance, you get a gigantic 5000mAh battery on the Infinix Hot 9, while a 4000mAh battery powers the Infinix S5. Infinix Hot 9 easily take the crown here for having a larger battery over the Infinix S5. Sincerely, we can't blame Infinix S5 for not having a 5000mAh battery because nearly every Infinix phone launched in 2019 featured a 4,000mAh battery. However, a 4000mAh battery would serve you for a whole day on normal usage.

When it comes to refilling the battery, you get a standard 10W charger and a micro-USB inside the boxes of both devices. Charging isn't incredible on both devices, so you need some patients to fill up the battery.


Phone Models  Infinix Hot 9  Infinix S5

Rear Cameras

· 16MP main

· 2MP macro

· 2MP depth sensor

· AI lens, with triple rear flash

Video: 1080p@30fps (both front and rear cameras)

· 16MP main

· 5MP wide-angle/macro camera

· 2MP depth sensor

·  AI lens, with quad rear flash

Video: 1080p@30fps (both front and rear cameras)

Front Camera

8MP selfie camera with a single front flash

32MP selfie camera


Both phones feature the now-iconic quad-rear camera setup - as expected on budget Android phones, you get a primary camera, macro camera, a depth sensor, and an AI lens. Infinix S5 takes it up by adding a 5MP wide-angle/macro camera to aid shooting in more angles.

On paper, you get a 16MP main camera, 5MP wide-angle/macro camera, a 2MP depth sensor, and an AI lens on the Infinix S5, while Hot 9 retains the 16MP main camera, 2MP depth sensor, AI lens, and replaced the last camera with a 2MP macro camera. As you can base here, aside from that you could take wide-angle shots on the Infinix S5, you also get better close-up shots with the 5MP wide-angle/macro lens.

Flipping to the front, the Infinix S5 opted for a selfie camera with high megapixels. While Infinix Hot 9 lowers the selfie camera to an 8MP sensor, you get a brilliant 32MP selfie camera on the Infinix S5.

Which one should you purchase?

The Infinix Hot 9 is a more recent device and comes with the latest XOS 6.0 based on Android 10 software. You get a large 5,000mAh battery, the 2020 rectangular-shaped camera design language, and all the improved and new features XOS 6 has to offer. However, that doesn't make it a better option over the Infinix S5. In my opinion, you get overall better performance and a better camera system on the Infinix S5, only if you don't mind using the now-dated Android 10 software. Your mileage may differ, however, especially when it comes to the pricing of both devices. So that’s all about the Infinix Hot 9 vs Infinix S5 review.