iPhone screen repair prices at Carlcare Services

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If you are looking for a mobile repair shop that gets your devices repaired with utmost care and has highly experienced and skilled engineers and provide, then you are at the right place.

At Carlcare, our aim is to provide top-notch phone screen repair service to our customers with prices that meet your budget. We have over 2,300 mobile repair shops spanning around the clock employed with highly skilled engineers. We’re popularly know as the only accredited after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix and itel, but that's not all. We also repair iPhone screen.

Why should you repair your iPhone screen at Carlcare?

  1. We use quality spare parts:  One of the factors to consider before taking your iPhone to a repair shop is quality. At Carlcare, we make use of  good-quality screen that is manufactured to fit your iPhone and we also make sure it is thoroughly tested and working perfectly before it is delivered to you.
  2. You can make online reservations: thinking of queueing all day just to get your iPhonescreen repaired? No, you can always book an appointment with us ahead of coming to our repair center. By doing this, you are treated as a priority customer and it saves your precious time and get us prepared for you.
  3. We provide our services at an affordable price: of course we don’t want you to break your bank just to repair your iPhone screen. That is why we keep our repair service at the best possible price no matter where you go to repair your iPhone.  
  4. We have skilled and experienced engineers: Another factor to consider is the engineer who repairs your iphone. An unskilled engineer may end up damaging another component of your iPhone while trying to fix the screen. But with over 2300 Carlcare service shops round the clock deployed with skilled engineers, we believe in being there for our customers, so you can sit back and be rest assured of a perfect screen replacement for your iPhone.
  5. Additional Warranty: one of the factors to consider before choosing your iPhone repairer is warranty. Even after assuring you over ninety percentage of repair success, we still give you warranty for stipulated amount of time in case you have problem with your iPhone screen repair.

IPhone screen repair price list

Here is the current repair price list for iPhones in Nigeria, you can always check this in the Carlcare app. Kindly launch the Carlcare app, tap on “iPhone Repair” in the home page to view current repair price list anywhere, anytime.

Note: You can make an online reservation for phone repair now before you take your iPhone to our service center so that we can keep you informed of the details including price and the store near to you. 

iPhone Model

Screen Repair Price (₦)

iPhone 5


iPhone 5S


iPhone 6


iPhone 6 Plus


iPhone 6S


iPhone 6S Plus


iPhone 7


iPhone 7 Plus


iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Plus



Make an Appointment for your iPhone Screen Repair

We have designed an easier and faster way to get your iPhone screen repaired. By making an appointment with us, all you have to do is just open the Carlcare app and reserve a date and time for yourself.

By doing this, you are lifting about half of the workload from you because you get to discuss with us the exact problem you are having with your phone right from the comfort of you home, even without getting to the repair center. It also help us get prepared for you and get all the required spare parts to get your phone back to life. As a result of this, you don’t have to queue all day before getting your iPhone repaired. Just book n appointment with us and you are good to go.

Benefits of making an appointment with us

  1. Saves you much time: as a result of making an appointment with us, you are given priority over others, therefore you don’t have to queue for hours to get your iPhone screen All you have to do is make a reservation at your own convenience, come to repair center in time, show us your reservation orders, then you can get priority service. By doing this, you already saved about fifty percent of your time, of course you don’t have to start explaining the problem you have with your phone again.
  2. Gets us prepared for you: while making online reservation with us, you get to brief us the actual problem of your iPhone, therefore getting us prepared for the spare parts needed for your device ahead of you before visiting our service center.
  3. You get to know repair prices before coming : you can always check the repair price for your iPhone through the Carlcare app  before coming, this ensure you’re prepared and also ensure you get a transparent and uniform price, anywhere you go.