itel A35 phone review, features and specs

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If you're looking for an entry-level smartphone that does the basic stuff like calling, watching movies, playing some games, and fits well on your low budget, itel is a smartphone brand you can rely on.

The itel A35 is another device under the itel A-series smartphone, which itel calls its basic smartphone series. The itel A35 comes with many noticeable features that make it fit well in its price range. The best you would get here is its large 3020mAh battery with itel's optimized battery saving mode. Also, this device runs on Android 10 (Go-Edition) that brings new features and makes the streamlined to improve its performance. Read on to find more about this itel A35 smartphone.

 itel a35 mobile phone


As expected on an entry-level smartphone, the itel A35 comes in a solid plastic body with a beautiful flat design. It has its rectangular-shaped camera bump and flashes placed at the top-left corner of the back cover. The back looks clean, with no other thing except the itel branding. On the front is a 5-inches display with chunky bezels housing the selfie camera, ear speaker, and flashes, while there are customizable physical navigation keys at the bottom bezels. It comes in just two colour variants of blue and black - all of which look beautiful and comfortable at hand.

Software & Performance

Powering the itel A35 is 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor, which performs well on basic tasks and the best you could get at its price range. As you presumably know this device isn't made for hardcore tasks, it has only 1GB RAM and runs on Android 10 (Go Edition).

The prime show here is the Android 10 (Go Edition), which is optimized to give overall better performance and conserve storage space based on the device's hardware. It comes pre-installed with lite apps like Google Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, etc. - providing all essential apps while still keeping the performance usable.


The storage on itel A35 gives enough room for all your storage needs like documents, apps, games, pictures, etc. On like other smartphones in the itel A-series, itel A35 comes with 16GB ROM and leaves over 12GB of free space for you to store anything you want. Also, it has a dedicated SD-card slot to expand your storage up to 32GB.


For keeping your beautiful memories, itel A35 comes with two HD cameras of which both of them come with LED flashes. The main (rear) shooter is a 5MP Auto-Focus HD camera, while there's a 2MP selfie camera. You won't be getting the best shots on this phone - especially in low-light conditions, but with bright lights and steady hands, you're assured to get usable clicks. Like other itel smartphones, A35 has a simple camera interface with many camera modes like HDR, Beauty Mode, AI camera, etc.


One thing you should consider before buying a smartphone for yourself or your kids is the battery. What's the capacity? How long would it last? etc… The itel A35 is packed with a big 3020mAh battery, which could stay up to 48 hrs of normal usage. Whether you're texting, playing games, reading, scrolling through Facebook, etc., A35's battery is guaranteed to give you unlimited fun throughout the day.

Security options

Unexpectedly, itel A35 comes with Face Unlock feature, which makes it painless to get into your phone. Though it doesn't come with a fingerprint sensor, the improved Facial Recognition feature on this device, it's far easier to unlock your phone than typing long passwords.  

Itel A35 key specs.

● 5.0 inches HD bright display

● 3020mAh big battery

● 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM

● Expandable storage up to 32GB

● Android 10 (Go-Edition)

● 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor

● 5MP HD main camera + 2MP Selfie camera

● LED flashes

● Face Unlock

● 3G Mobile network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

How to make itel A35 run smoothly for you.

Considering your budget and the hardware of this device, you might notice some lagging or sluggishness in performance as time goes on. This might be because of pushing the device more than its capabilities. Here are some tips to help you get more out of this device.

  • Use external storage

as time goes on, you might fill the 16GB ROM to the brim and the device will start malfunctioning. Before it gets to that, simply get an SD card where you can store extensive files like music videos, etc. You can only expand the storage up to 32GB.

  •  Run a few apps at a time

To avoid lagging, overheating, or hanging, we recommend you run a few apps at a time. Also, remember to uninstall apps you don't need/use frequently to keep them from always running. Also, itel A35 has a Freezer feature which helps disable apps you rarely use. Ensure to use it for better performance.

  • Use Lite or Go version of apps

As said earlier, itel A35 runs on Android 10 (Go-Edition) which contains light apps optimized with the hardware for better performance. Here, there are many Lite apps on the Play Store like Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, TikTok Lite, etc. Use these apps rather than the large ones. It will make your phone run smoothly and also save you a sizeable amount of storage space.

Customer Care Service for itel A35

One thing about buying an itel, Infinix, or TECNO device is its robust customer service provided by Carlcare. As the official service provider for itel, Carlcare provides top-notch repair and customer service for itel A35. As time goes on, you might have problems with your itel A35. Just bring it down to Carlcare. We can help fix various smartphone problems ranging from software to hardware problems. Also, Carlcare currently offers a Software Free Download Service where we help our customers install popular apps freely on their devices. You don't need to consume your data on downloading the apps you need. Just book an appointment below, then proceed to our centre to get your free apps.