Why a phone charges slowly and how to fix this

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Abraham Miller

There are a multitude of reasons why a phone is charging very slowly. From usage habits, to system glitches or, hardware – anything can happen. If this has happened to you now, you understand how nerve-racking and frustrating it can get. We’ll identify some reasons why phone charges slowly and how we can resolve the issue next.


Software Update.

Have you recently downloaded and installed a new system update on your Android device, only to notice that your phone charges slowly? That’s because there’s a glitch in the Software. Updates are sent to enhance the performance of smartphones; however, errors may occur during the installation process.

Bad Accessories.

The most common culprit in the case of a slow charging phone is its Charging kit. It could be that your USB cable loses contact due to a weak connector or, it is worn out and no longer works optimally. The same goes for the adapter (charging head), which may have been damaged by a power surge causing it to malfunction.

When this happens, simply get another USB Cable/Adapter and test them with your own device to pinpoint exactly where the fault is from. If the charging kit is the problem, proceed to buy a new set. Go for original accessories, use and handle them with utmost care.

Every mobile device comes pre-packaged with a charger suited to it, and anything less will not function properly. So, make sure you get a product specifically made for your phone.

 phone charges slowly

Charging Habits.

You may be the cause of this issue. Yes! Do you allow your phone to charge peacefully or you use it at the same time? There’s time for everything and you’re definitely on the wrong path here. Using & charging a smartphone simultaneously weighs heavy on the battery & its charging port.

Always give your device space to boost, switch it off or have it on Airplane Mode to make it charge faster.



Weak Power Source.

Where you plug your phone matters as much as how you do it. If you connect your Android device to a Computer or Power-bank, your phone charges slowly.
Always plug your phone to a Wall socket, it’s the best option out here.

Faulty Charging Port.

There’s no way to butter this up, and it’s bad news all the way. The charging port may be loose and shaky or have bent/broken pins which have prevented it from functioning normally. You can resolve this by visiting a Reputable Repair centre such as Carlcare service to fix the error of phone charging very slowly

Damaged Battery.

Check the battery of your phone, focus on how it looks first; does it appear to be swollen at all? With a swollen battery, your Android will not charge fast. Another thing to look out for is how well the battery lasts. If you charge to 100% and it drains halfway in a short period of time, changing this accessory might resolve the charging issue.

Your Phone is Old.

I say this with the best intention, please, consider changing your smartphone. Overtime wear and tear may cause a phone to slow down. The output can’t be the same as it was three years ago. New phone models support the Fast charging feature and many older versions simply don’t match up.

If you keep having recurring issues on a phone, and infrequent System updates. It’s time for a change via Swap or direct purchase.

Other causes of this error include Background Apps which use power as fast as it goes into your phone causing it to charge sluggishly. Get a good task manager (e.g. Phone Master) to check and close such apps.

I hope you’ve found a solution for your phone through this post. If your Android’s issue is Hardware related, please try not to tamper with it in any way especially because such action could void the warranty if you’ve got that. Visit an authorized Repair Shops like Carlcare Service to fix the device.

Overall, don’t do anyhow. Guard your phone and its accessories with care.