Phone Master App: Optimize Android For Improved Performance 

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Abraham Miller

With over 50 million users globally and a decent 4.7/5 review rating on Play Store, Phone Master App is easily one of the most in-demand performance boosters for Androids presently. If you own a TECNO, itel, or Infinix device (the app comes inbuilt for these smartphones), you may already be abreast of how useful this app is. From cleaning your phone junks to augmenting the security system, and enhancing speed and battery life to cooling down the overheating system resources- Phone Master, as an efficient cleaner app for android, can conduct a lot of things which are requisite for good health and smooth functioning of your device. Besides, the Phone Master app has an impressively intuitive and simple interface which even a layman can navigate easily. 

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Without adding too much to its intro, here’s a rundown of its key features which make Phone Master App a perfect choice for optimizing your Android phone. 

CPU Cooler

As a pretty common issue in smartphones these days, overheating is something every user finds irritating and a bit perturbing too, since you never know what this simple-looking problem could lead to. But having the Phone Master App on your device could prevent it easily. Its inbuilt CPU Cooler not just monitors but also controls the apps & processes causing the phone temperature to rise. It shows the temperature in real-time. And the moment temperature goes past normal, the app sends you a notification about overheating. Here, all you need to do is to open the CPU Cooler, which will start scanning the CPU status first, and then indicate you to cool down the device. Tap on ‘Cool Down’, and the app starts closing the culprit apps and processes and bring your phone temperature down in seconds.

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Junk Cleaner

What dust & debris is to your home, junk files are to your phone. You must clear junk files on your phone timely so the space/storage remains clean and functions smoothly. Phone Master’s Junk Cleaner feature is awesome and handy when you need to do. It works through all the junk and cache, obsolete APK files, and other residual detritus that your device storage may have accumulated – that too by two simple clicks. Pretty soon, you will notice your storage fresh and your device well-functioning. 

Phone Boost

Is your phone working slow? Do you see it hanging again and again? Are you facing RAM management issues? This feature is your best bet! The phone Master app comes with a simple function “Phone Boost” that can clean up your RAM on mobile phone by removing background running apps & processes which may be draining the phone resources. Once the backend is clear, it will help to enhance your phone’s processing speed and battery life. 

Battery Saver

We’re heavily dependent on smartphones; so battery saving is important. Right? How could you do it better than having a proper track of your battery usage! The Battery Saver in Phone Master App lets you do just that. It allows you to check and analyze your phone battery consumption, performance, and health. It also shows you how much battery different apps are consuming. 

Now how will this feature help you? Imagine your battery is draining too fast. Through this feature, you can identify the apps that are draining the battery even while they are not in use. You can simply deactivate these apps and save power. 

Clean Whatsapp

WhatsApp, as we all know, is the most used social-media app where a plethora of files are exchanged, from chats and videos to pictures and PDFs. If you don’t clean it, WhatsApp space fills up and your phone system starts showing the sign of sluggishness. With 'Clean WhatsApp' feature, you can clear all the unnecessary WhatsApp files and free up some space in internal storage. 

Tap on the “Clean WhatsApp” option and it will scan and display the WhatsApp data. Then You can check which files you want to delete to clear up some space. 

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Data Manager

Data Manager allows you to set the plan for and monitor your internet data. While enabling it, you need to grant it two accesses: Phone Access and Data Usage. Then the feature offers you various nice data management options. For instance, you can set your data limit for daily, weekly, or monthly usage. This means your mobile data will not work after it reaches the pre-set limit. Also, you can check the data consumption report including how much internet is being used by a particular app; a way to identify the data-hungry apps. 

The 3 dots on the upper right corner contains the option to enable or disable the display of your internet data speed on the status bar all the time. 

App Locker 

This another notable feature of Phone Master lets you make your phone information hidden/private through fingerprint or pattern lock. It can lock your phone files, apps, photos, and videos- and prevent them from unauthorized access. This is one of the most-used features of Phone Master app, ensuring secret solid privacy for your sensitive files and communication apps. 

Smart Charging

A really cool feature to prevent the overcharging of your device. Once you have enabled this feature, it will monitor the phone charging and send you a notification/ring to let you know that your phone is fully charged, and you must unplug it. Isn’t it great to improve battery life? 

In the nutshell, the Phone Master App is really handy to optimize your device for improved performance. Along with the above useful features, it also works as an effective anti-virus for your device, providing protection from various malware and malicious websites. The app is quite safe and easy to use. For TECNO, itel, and Infinix smartphone users, the Phone Master app is already installed on their devices. Other brand users can obtain it from Google PlayStore.