Can't send text messages on your phone? Find how to fix.

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Just like the traditional phone calls, text messages (SMS) remains a feature that cannot be underrated on any smartphone. Even with the popularity of more secure instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, SMS is still widely utilized as it can be used in nearly every condition. With this, it can be a frustrating predicament when you can’t send text messages on your phone.

While this problem could emanate from issues like invalid SMSC, insufficient airtime, wrong settings, etc., this article will guide you on 7 possible fixes to be able to send SMS on your smartphone.

 can't send text messages

Check if SIM is recharged

Just like making calls, sending SMS requires sufficient airtime on your line. Depending on the length of your text and your network provider, there is a specific amount of airtime charged per SMS sent.

Therefore, if you can't text messages on your phone, the first thing is to check your airtime balance. In a case of insufficient balance, kindly recharge your line and try resending the text message.

Ensure the SIM card is inserted properly.

As SMS cannot be sent over Wi-Fi, it requires your SIM card to be properly fitted into the port. Normally, you should see an active mobile network in the status/notification bar if your SIM card is inserted properly. In case your phone indicates "No SIM card" or something similar, kindly reinsert your SIM card and try again.

If your phone still couldn't detect your SIM card, kindly insert it into another phone or consult your network provider for assistance - in case of a damaged SIM card.

Reset SMS settings to default.

Prior to the swapping of SIM cards and software updates, default SMS settings might be changed. This can as well cause your SMS not to work properly because there are different/unique preferences for every service provider that allows them to send SMS properly. To be sure you're not a victim of this and find your phone won’t send text messages, kindly reset all Messages option to default and restart your device.

  • Open the Messages app
  • Tap on Settings
  • Try to reset every option there to default.
  • Restart your phone and try sending an SMS to see if it works.

Check message center settings (SMSC).

Similarly to Access Point Names (APN) for mobile internet connection, the Message Center Number (SMSC) is crucial to send your texts. If your phone can't send text messages, you're probably a victim of this. There's a need to check/correct the SMSC

These numbers are unique to every network operator. Therefore, you may need to Google-search the one for your provider or call the customer care for assistance.

After acquiring the number, the next thing is to plug it into the appropriate place. And this gets a little bit tricky since Google moved it away from the Messages app so you won't tamper with it. Just follow the steps below to fix your message center number.

  • Copy your providers SMSC
  • Open the Dialer(Phone) app on your device and enter *#*#4636#*#*
  • It will take your to a Settings menu, tap "Phone Information"
  • Scroll to the bottom and find SMSC.
  • Paste the number into the SMSC tab, then tap update.

Note: you may need to first switch your SIM cards in Settings if you have dual SIM cards. More so, do not tamper with unknown settings in the window to avoid further issues.

Clear Message App Data

 Another solution to fix text messages not sending is clearing the Message app data. What it does is just clear the compiled data for the Message app that might be causing this problem, it doesn't wipe off your messages. Follow the guide below to do so.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap Message (or your 3rd party Messaging app).
  • Click Storage.
  • Tap 'Clear Storage' and confirm

Contact SIM operator to get the issue resolved.

If your phone still phone won't send text messages at this time, then the issue is mostly related to the SIM card rather than the phone. A visit to your network provider's physical outlet may surely help fix this. You could also contact your network provider online or dial their toll-free customer care number to explain the issue to them.

Find a service center to fix text messages not sending

If your phone still could not send message, the last resort is to contact a mobile repairer. They can help fix hardware issues like a broken SIM port, or software issues like the SMSC setting blocking your phone from sending SMS.

In this case, Carlcare, the exclusive after-sales service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel exists to provide a top-notch mobile repair service for you. You can be guaranteed to get your SMS working again when you walk into any of our centers near you.