How to remove scratches from phone screen

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Scratches on your phone screen can be a sore sight for the eyes. Getting them removed from your phone could also be tricky. The first step to take is knowing what to do, before you remove scratches from phone screen. Before selecting a method to remove scratches, firstly find out from your phone manual, the sort of material your phone screen is made from. If it is not indicated in your manual, you could check for it online, by entering the full name of your phone model in a search engine. This will enable you to know what substance you can or cannot use on your phone screen. When this information has been obtained, you can try a total of 9 solutions to remove scratches on phone screen no matter you use a glass phone screen or a phone screen protector.

 remove scratches from phone screen

What to consider you remove scratches from phone screen 

  • Power down your device.
  • Unplug any charging cables, headphones, as well as the phone’s casing.
  • Check if the scratch is on the screen guard, or on the actual surface of the phone.
  • Seal up the ports on the phone with transparent cello tape to prevent any form of moisture from going in.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth, and gently wipe the exterior surface of the phone.
  • Avoid any liquid or compressed air on the phone, after cleaning, to avoid any damage to the screen.
  • Replace the screen guard if it was removed, when cleaning with the cloth. Replacement of the screen guard can be done at any service center. Please remember that this is a chargeable service, and you will need to pay for it.


How to remove scratches from phone screen


  • Whitening toothpaste will give better results than non-whitening ones.
  • Rub a small amount of toothpaste on a lint-free cloth, or at the end of a cotton swab.
  • Gently rub in a circular motion until the scratch mark disappears.
  • Use a mildly dampened cloth to wipe your phone screen in order to get rid of scratches on the phone

Baking Soda

  • Dilute two parts of baking soda in one part of the water to form a thick paste.
  • Apply a little paste to a small piece of cotton, and rub the phone screen gently.
  • Use a damp cloth to rub off any residues.

Magic Erasers

  • Use for little scratches, because they can be abrasive.
  • Rub very gently on the affected surface.


  • Use the least abrasive type.
  • Press gently while running off any scratch.
  • Use preferably to rub off scratches from the phone’s casing, and minimally on the actual screen on the phone.

 get rid of scratches on phone

 Baby powder or Talcum powder

Both are essentially the same because they are both talc-based products. The difference lies in the individual constituents and the age range of individuals that use them respectively. These can be obtained from any pharmacy store and can be used as a suitable alternative to the baking soda.

Technical talc

This is usually used as a coating but can serve in hiding scratches on your phone screen. Preferably used to  remove scratches from the phone screen protector

Vegetable oil

Also not a permanent solution. Used for very minor scratches that can be easily hidden. Apply a little oil on a cotton swab or lint-free cloth, and rub gently over the scratch. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any oil residue.

Displex paste

A suitable alternative, used in the same as the paste related options above. This can be readily obtained from the stores where phone related accessories are sold.

There are other options such as the combination of egg white, and aluminum sulfate to remove scratches from phone screen, but the procedures for combining both substances to obtain a Polish is quite tasking, and time-consuming. It is highly recommended that other readily available options be sorted to. There is also the option for the use of car scratch removal lotions, but several reports have indicated that it may not be safe to use on phone screens, considering the fact the phone screens are made differently from car screens.

Find a professional phone repair service provider

When trying these screen scratch remover options above, if it doesn’t yield the results you want, you may need to find a professional phone repair provider. 

Carlcare services is a very good option if you are considering where to go to. It is the official after-sales service center  Infinix , TECNO, and Itel phones.  If there are scratches on your phone for these brands or the phone screen is cracked, you can take the phone to the Carlcare service center to fix scratches on phone.

The Carlcare service centers are globally represented in about fifty countries of the world, providing an online expert answering, and message replying service, that helps customers efficiently diagnose their device issues with great convenience, before heading out to the offline store.