Top 8 Risk of Using a Cracked Phone Screen.

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Abraham Miller

One risky thing you wouldn’t want to do is using your phone while the screen is cracked or broken.  You are putting your phone internal components and yourself at risk when you continue using your device with the cracked screen.  Today let’s take a look at some risks of using a broken or cracked phone screen.

 risks of using a cracked phone screen

  1. Malfunction:

Once your phone screen is broken or cracked, the touch screen will start to misbehave and your phone won’t be responding to touch quickly.  The response time will be delayed now, due to the cracked or broken screen.

  1. Putting internal components of the phone at risk:

A cracked or broken screen has lost some part of its glass protection on the screen, thereby giving way to liquid substance, dust and dirt to reach the internal components of the phone that was formerly protected by the screen.  Once liquid substance gets to the internal component of the phone, you are at risk of damaging the phone completely, because those liquid substance may destroy the internal components and also the motherboard.

  1. Putting your fingers at risk:

Smartphones screens are made up of glass, so you are putting your fingers at risk when using the phone. You are at the risk of cutting your fingers when you swipe on the broken screen. That wouldn’t be something you would like to experience.

  1. Poor display:

Once your smartphone screen is broken, the quality of the display is compromised and you won’t be able to read your messages. Due to some part of the screen being completely destroyed from the impact of the fall ,you may end up straining your eyes in order to make sense of what’s been displayed on the screen. This is very bad for your eyesight and you will also waste some time trying to figure out what is being displayed on the screen.

  1. Exposure to radiation:

Smartphones are already emitting some amount of radiation but not much to be harmful to a human. But when your phone screen gets cracked, it allows more escape way for radiation from the phone, which is harmful to the human body system.

  1. Usability:

It will become more difficult to use a phone with a cracked screen, when you are unable to execute some certain commands on the phone because the phone won’t be responding to your touch.

  1. Ghost touch:

We call this ghost touching because your phone will start operating itself as if you were the one touching the screen. This happens due to the damage sustained from the cracked screen.


  1. Screen Replacement:

It is advisable that you get your broken or cracked phone screen fixed as soon as possible. Carlcare service center offer professional phone screen repair services  and you are sure to get original replacement parts if your Infinix, TECNO or itel phone is broken as we are the official after-sales service center for these brands.

  1. Purchase a screen guard:

In the case where you are a bit financially down and you cannot afford to  get screen replacement at the moment, you can purchase a tempered glass screen protector for your device.

You can fix the tempered glass screen protector by yourself or from the sales person at the store when you purchased it. However, this is not a permanent solution as a broken screen doesn’t get any better as times goes by and it can start to malfunction at any point in time.

This solution is only advisable when the phone screen is still responsive to touch and the display is still visible.