How to fix touch screen not working on phone

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Among every other component of the phone, the screen is indispensable. Of course, you scroll through Facebook, play games, send texts, etc. Basically, you can't do anything on your phone without touching the screen if you don't rely on an external mouse. For this course, it's very painful when the touch screen is not working.  As a professional smartphone repair company, we've put up some reasons why this problem persists and how to fix the touch screen not working on the phone, so you can continue enjoying your smartphone.

 touch screen not working on phone

Remove any external attached items on the screen

Applying a screen protector can help protect the device from accidental drops or scratches. However, the same glass acting as a protector can also lead to the “touch screen not working” problem by hindering touches from getting to the sensor.

If your phone screen is unresponsive before, probably before attaching a screen protector, try to remove the screen protector and check if the screen responds to touches.

Hold down the power button till the device reboots

In this case, restarting the device can guarantee a fix if the phone screen not working problem is caused by software hitches. Of course, restarting your device is what you should do occasionally as it helps refresh the memory and helps fix some software related issues.

But how do you do it when the touch screen is not working? It's is simple, just hold down the power button for a while - usually 8-10 seconds - to reboot your phone.

Now check if the touch screen is working properly or proceed to more technical fixes below.

Make sure the screen is not broken or cracked

Is your screen broken? If yes, that's probably the root of the problem. Before nailing this problem to a software problem, try looking into the screen if there is a crack somewhere or it's broken. Though the screen might still be working for a few days, or even months if it's broken. But it's open to different sorts of damages upon liquid contact to the surface.

If that is the case, a visit to the repair center is the only way to fix it.

Try to Turn off Developer options

As the name implies, the developer options contain features that are still in development, mainly for app developers and some users who like to test them. This feature is usually hidden until enabled by users. It may also cause the phone screen not to work if you enabled a wrong or incompatible settings from the developer options.

To fix this, kindly disable it from Settings >> System >> Developer options (or Settings >> Developer options on some devices) if your screen still responds to touches. If not so, try connecting a wired mouse to your device with an OTG adapter.

Now check if the screen is can respond to touches or try other solutions below.

Put the device in Safe mode

Booting a smartphone in Safe mode starts it without any third-party app. This is worth giving a try and can help fix the problem if the touch screen stopped working due to a third-party app.

To get into Safe mode on most Android devices, press and hold the power button. When the power menu pops-up, press and hold the Power off option until you see the Reboot to Safe mode pop-up. Now click Accept to put your device into Safe mode.

Note: If you use a TECNO or INFINIX device, press and hold the HiOS(or XOS) in the power menu until you see the option to reboot to safe mode and click accept.

When you're in Safe mode, try checking if the touch screen works flawlessly. If it does, that means the problem is caused by a third-party app. Try to uninstall corrupted apps, probably the ones you recently installed before the incident, to fix the problem.

To get out of safe mode, kindly restart your phone normally.

Water Accident; leave it to dry and try again.

A water accident or even moisture can damage the internal part of the device which leads to mobile touch problem. If you mistakenly drop your device into a pool or just a little water split on it, kindly eject all peripherals and turn off the device to let it dry up. You may also put the phone inside a bowl of rice to let it dry completely. Now turn on the phone to check if the touch screen works perfectly or visit a service center.

Visit the official service center.


Hopefully, the above fixes should get your touch screen working again if it's just a minor/software problem. If not, the last thing you would want to try is getting a technician to fix it for you.

If your android phone touch is still not working after trying these fixes, you're already in the right place. Carlcare is the only authorized service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel smartphone. We have competent technicians who can help you fix the touch screen not working on the phone. All you have to do is just book an online appointment with us and proceed to the nearest Carlcare service center to get your phone repaired.