How to Know If Your Cell Phone Battery Needs To Be Replaced

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Abraham Miller

Although, phone battery damages aren’t as popular as broken screens and water damages. But here’s the thing: nothing lasts forever. If you’ve used your phone for a while now, and you notice its battery can’t serve you throughout the day anymore, you may need to go for battery replacement. Thankfully, battery replacement doesn't cost much. But how do you identify if your battery needs to be replaced? Find out below.   

 how to know if you need to replace a phone battery

1. When the battery discharges faster than usual

Perhaps the most prominent sign you need to replace your phone’s battery is when it struggles to hold enough charge than before. So, if your battery runs down faster than usual, it’s probably due for replacement.

For example, if you usually have up to 9 hours of screen time before, and it's now less than 5 hours, that's a sign the battery is getting aged. Meanwhile, that might not be true if you installed a battery-draining update or apps recently. So, be sure to check other signs as we’ll discuss them below.

In another instance, if your battery percentage drops drastically (like with a 10% decrease at once) after unplugging it from the charger or while using it, you may need to go for replacement.

2. When it doesn't charge fully

Your phone's battery not charging fully is a sign you need to replace it. We expect smartphone batteries to recharge fully within a few hours – depending on the battery capacity and charging speed tech. If, however, your phone takes forever to complete its charging cycle – no matter how long you plug it in, that means it's no longer durable.

Before you conclude, though, you may try to power off the device and leave it to charge for some hours. If that still didn't rectify the issue, that means you were not wrong – the battery has gone bad!

3. Increase in temperature

If you notice your phone gets hotter than usual – either while using it, charging it, or it’s just sitting flat on the table, that's a sign you need to replace the battery.

Usually, we can’t tell how much temperature your phone should have on various occasions. Since you use it daily, however, you should be able to differentiate between normal and abnormal temperatures. So, if your phone is getting too hot while charging it or not, consider taking it to the repair centre as fast as you can! Otherwise, it may end up damaging the entire device.

4. When your phone swells up

Not just when it boils; your phone forming another, kind of awkward shape is a sign you need to replace its battery. If you notice the size or shape of your phone isn’t like what it used to be, kindly check it properly to see if it’s bulging. And if you have a case on it, you should remove it to check the back cover properly.

Once you notice your device is bulging, swelling up, or running 'too' hot, those are signs of a bad battery. Hence, you should stop using the phone and take it to the repair centre to avoid further damages. We've seen situations where mobile phones burst out with fire because of a bad battery. Don’t let the same happen to you.

Overall, the cost of replacing a phone’s battery isn’t as expensive as replacing the screen. So, if you notice your battery is no longer up to par, visit the official repair service provider for your brand for battery replacement.

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Gone are those days when you can pull out your phone’s old battery and insert a new one. Things have changed over the years, and now, it requires some critical steps by an experienced technician to get into the phone and replace the bad battery.

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Can you replace your phone’s inbuilt battery yourself? Absolutely no! Don’t try it. You may end up damaging the entire device afterward. Just visit the official service provider to help you look into the problem and solve it for you.