Why does phone speaker volume decreases

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Abraham Miller

Why does phone speaker volume decrease for some phones after using it for a while? This is quite worrisome and you could be wondering what has gone wrong. This could happen with your calls (when you can barely hear the speaker on the other end), or with your media files (where the volume of your music or video files is low).

Of course, there are several reasons why this may be happening to your phone but not all of them are worrisome. Sometimes, it could be a minor glitch that you can easily fix yourself. Other times you may need an expert to help you figure out why your phone speaker volume decreased. The important thing is knowing the first steps to take and how to do them.

Here are some things that could cause your phone speaker volume to decrease. You will also find out in the article, some ways you can troubleshoot to pin the exact cause and how to resolve them.

 why speakers volume decrease

Faulty volume key

One possible hardware problem that could occur is a faulty volume key. If you are using the volume keys to increase the volume, and nothing happens, then your volume button may be bad. In this case, you have to go to sound settings to increase the volume.

Subsequently, you should take it to a mobile phone repair shop to replace the volume key.

Phone settings

It is also possible that you may have tampered with the speaker settings on your device, and changed the default volume to become very low. To troubleshoot this;

  • Launch Settings on your phone
  • Select Sound. Under this option, you will find the call volume, ring volume, alarm volume, and media volume.
  • Adjust the Media volume and the Call volume to the highest.
  • Now go back and try playing a media file again.

 Speaker is clogged with dirt

If your phone speaker volume remains low even after turning the volume to the highest, your phone speaker may be clogged. The speaker usually has a net mesh covering it, and if this becomes clogged with dirt and/or oils, it reduced the sound that comes out of the speaker.

To fix this, you have to clean the speaker. If you are to do this yourself, do it carefully. A can of compressed air can get this fixed for you.

  • Switch off the phone
  • Use a clean piece of cotton to wipe the surface. You may dampen it a bit with isopropyl alcohol but ensure that it is not dripping wet. A slight dab would be sufficient for this purpose.
  • Next, you should lift a can of compressed air and spray about three times on the mesh net. Repeat the process until you see that the dirt has cleared up.
  • Alternatively, you can use a soft brush to clean the earpiece.

Software Glitch resulting from a new app

If your phone is a bit old and you download some new apps, it could attempt to make a modification to your phone to make it suitable for the app. This might cause your phone speaker volume to decrease suddenly.

Check for newly installed apps and uninstall them one after the other.  If this solves it, then you can be relieved that it was not a more serious problem. If the problem remains unresolved, try out the other solutions

Flex cable issue.

The volume flex cable connects to the motherboard of the phone. Depending on where this is located on your device, it can get damaged due to wrong handling. A faulty volume flex cable can affect the sound output on your device. If this is the reason why your phone speaker volume decreased, you have to take it to a mobile technician for proper repair.

It is not something that you can fix on your own. Some people who have tried DIY methods on this problem ended up damaging even more parts of the phone. Take it to a professional to check it and fix it appropriately.

Find a Professional to repair the speaker

For any of the simple issues above, a simple speaker clean-up or modifying some phone settings can solve the problem. For the more complex problems mentioned above, find a professional phone repair shop near you to get it fixed. Often, the issue can be resolved in less than half an hour, but it is important that it is done by an expert.

Some of the fixes that will be done to the phone may involve the motherboard, and the flex cable and it is important that you let an expert do this. You do not want to end up with another phone problem after fixing one.

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If you are using any other phone model, visit the manufacturer’s website to trace the official after-sales service provider. Most manufacturers will provide contacts and addresses of their accredited repair centres and service providers. Locate the one closest to you and visit them to have your device fixed.