Why does phone turn off when charge is full?

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It gets confusing and annoying when your phone turns off suddenly without having a low battery. Perhaps you're very sure to have charged the phone fully, or it has enough battery juice to keep it running – let's say above 50%, but it turns off without your consent.

However, you don't have to worry if you're experiencing that on your phone. Over here today, we'll demonstrate why your phone turns off when fully charged and what you need to do when such happens.

 why does phone turn off when charge is full

Why does your phone turn off when fully charged? Can it be repaired?

In most cases, a phone that shuts down by itself is neither because of a weak battery nor software glitches, but a faulty mainboard. By now, you probably have to know the crucial aspect a mainboard takes on a phone. If not, let's make a little explanation.

The motherboard (also known as the mainboard) is typically the "heart" or "brain" of your device, where every other component takes its origin. The motherboard holds other crucial parts and functions of your device, such as the chipset, network modems, storage, RAM, camera, and virtually everything. When the motherboard fails, you have a partly or non-functional smartphone.

For your phone that turns off when the battery is fully charged, a faulty motherboard could’ve caused the issue. And while the motherboard doesn't get a fault on its own, this fault can result from a power surge that might have happened earlier.

Power surge damaged my phone? How come?

Yes. While charging, a power surge can damage your phone If you are using a charger not recommended by your phone manufacturer. As you presumably know, it's best to charge your phone with the charger boxed with it from the factory. And if probably it got spoilt, it’s advisable you get one from a reliable store or preferably a store authorized by your phone's brand.

A power surge may occur if your charger is poorly designed, or maybe it has a higher power rating than what your phone can handle. And sometimes, the manufacturers of these poorly made chargers don't use high-quality materials or skip crucial materials that help regulate the charger's output and protect your phone from a power surge while charging it. And, of course, you can’t really blame them since they build their chargers with poor materials and engineering to save cost.  

Why are we saying this? In most cases, a high-quality and well-built charger will be capable of withstanding power surges and protecting your phone from unexpected damages while charging it. And if peradventure the power surge is hyperactive, the charger blasts instead of affecting the phone's mainboard.

However, using a poorly designed charger is not the only thing that causes a power surge. Another prominent cause of power surge is thunder lightning. If your phone got struck by lightning while connected to a charger, it could cause a power surge that damaged the motherboard. That’s why it’s advisable not to plug-in electrical appliances into the electricity while raining to avoid getting struck by thunder lightning.  

How to fix a phone that turned off when the charge is full

The only solution, well, is to visit the service center. When your phone turns off due to a faulty motherboard that is damaged by a power surge or any other factor, the only available option and remedy is to let a professional repairer check if the motherboard is repairable or not.

At other times, one could allege that a faulty motherboard didn't cause the problem but rather a damaged battery. All in all, only a repair professional can pinpoint the cause of the issue and provide a befitting solution for it. Meanwhile, you may check our detailed article on "how to know if your cell phone battery needs to be replaced" to see if a faulty battery caused your phone to turn off when the charge is full. Better still,  over here are some signs your phone motherboard is damaged.

After all, a phone that turns off when fully charged is not what you can repair at home. All you've got is to take the dead phone to a service center for repair. And hopefully, the technician finds a positive solution to it.

Does your phone turn off when the charge is full? We can help you!  

When it comes to repairing a phone with a damaged motherboard, only a well-trained technician with lots of repair experience can handle it. Repairing a phone's motherboard is so delicate that a single mistake could result in more expensive damages, or at worse, render the device useless for life.

So, when looking for where to repair a phone that turned off when because of a faulty motherboard, be sure to select a highly skilled technician. Usually, you shouldn't have any problem regarding that if you visit the official service center. Why? They're well trained, certified, and specified in repairing smartphones from your brand.

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