Why Is My Phone Not Charging When Plugged In?

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Abraham Miller

Phone batteries cannot last for a lifetime. Mobile phones have a limited lifespan, most especially when they are used to perform various tasks. Getting your phone charged is the only way you can keep your phone running.

Phone charging can be simple, but there are instances when you will not get your phone charged after being plugged in due to unknown causes. It hurts to have your phone plugged in, and the device refuses to charge. Thankfully, I had a similar experience where I was able to work out a solution.

While I was able to proffer a solution to my phone not charging, you should know the possible reasons why my phone did not charge when plugged in. Below is an outline of what you need to know about your phone not charging when plugged in.

 why is my phone not charging when plugged in

Why Is My Phone Not Charging When Plugged In?

There are several reasons why a phone is not charging when plugged in. It is not always about the charger or battery because other things can also be affected. Here are common reasons why a phone does not get charged when plugged in.

Water Damage

You cannot rule out the option of having physical contact with water daily. Yet, your phone should not be in direct contact with water. Extra caution is needed most while used in the kitchen or when caught in the rain.

The charging port is the point at which the charger transmits voltage to your device. Water and moisture corrode the charging port and cause severe damage. If the contact between the port and the charger is firm, your port could have been damaged from a water contact when it refuses to charge.

If your phone does not charge when plugged in, check and recall whether the charging port has no contact with the water.

Loose Charging Port

The firmness of the phone charging port is not till eternity. The frequent use of the charging point reduces its firmness daily. It occurs most when other cables different from the recommended in-box charger get plugged into the port.

A tight charging port has a firm grip on the charger while plugged into the phone. In contrast, a shaking charging port returns or reduces the voltage from the charger. In this case, the phone does not get charged while plugged in.

If your phone is unable to get charged when plugged in, consider the charging port repair. A new replacement rules out the option of having your phone uncharged. Even better, it’s cheap and easy to repair.

Dirty Charging Port

Body hygiene practiced daily is not a walk-over for your phone. Aside from being an electronic device used daily, your phone needs frequent cleaning when used daily. Dirt and dust stop your phone from charging when plugged into a dirty charging port.

If you cleaned your charging port before uncharged, check your port for any dirty material again. A close look gives you a view of the affected part because dust might not be seen easily in the charging port. Applying clean cotton or air blow on the charging port helps you get rid of dust and dirt.

You must apply safety measures while cleaning your port. Also, ensure the phone is off while cleaning the port.

High Voltage Damage

Chargers and phone batteries have specific voltages they can transmit and accept. There are certain voltages your phone can handle. If the voltage is high, your phone hardware might end up getting damaged.

Voltage pulls the energy to a device when plugged in. Most batteries get damaged when supplied with higher voltage. Thus, the phone is uncharged when the battery cannot hold on to the power.

Also, the electric circuits in the phone could get damaged by a high voltage source. In such an occurrence, the phone is unable to charge.

Incompatible Charger

There are several chargers manufactured by third parties in the phone market today. Yet, you must search for the recommended ones before choosing one for your device. These chargers deliver electric voltage only when they are compatible with the user device.

Using an incompatible charger alters the possibility of getting your phone charged. Besides, it is a way of making your phone vulnerable to other damages. If your phone is uncharged when plugged in, consider an alternative to your charger if your charging port is well fitted.

How Can I Fix A Phone Not Charging?

When your phone refuses to come up when plugged in, the thought of getting it fixed comes to the forefront. It is hard not to keep up with the client work on your phone already due for delivery. Besides the shared tips above, there are other options you can explore to get your phone fixed before the due date.

Get a New Charger

Chargers predominantly affect the rate at which your device charges because it functions as the voltage carrier. Try a new charger when you have a cut or bend on the cable. It saves you the trauma of not having your phone charged.

Switch off your device if it is water contact

You cannot always rule out the possibility of having water contact with your charging port. If you have a water or moisture contact at the charging port, switch off your device and clean with a clean cotton or clothing material. Ensure the charging port is dry before starting your device again.

Replace your battery

If you have a swollen battery, it might have got damaged from a high voltage source. Opt for a new replacement from a reliable store.

Consult a Repair Service

If you have tried the listed options and the phone refuses to charge, it is time to visit a phone technician. Professional technicians offer repair services for your phone with advanced tools at an affordable cost.

There are various reliable phone repair services you can visit. An example is the Carlcare Service. Carlcare Service is an official after-sales service that offers high-quality and one-stop solutions for phone users with a reliable warranty.