8 Reasons Why Your phone Charges Slowly

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Abraham Miller

Have you ever wondered why you plugged in your Android smartphone to a power outlet for several hours but when you check it you still have the same percentage you left it? There are numerous reasons why phone charges slowly.

These reasons might range from the usage of counterfeit usb cable to serious hardware damage. Below are some of the culprits preventing your Android smartphone from charging properly and fast.

 why phone charges slowly

Bad charger head or USB cable

The number one reason why your phone is charging very slowlyis because of a bad charger or a damaged USB cable. So when you noticed that your smartphone is charging really slow for no reason, it's time you get a replacement for your charger. Don't just buy any kind of charger, go for original charger for your smartphone. You can visit any Carlcare service near you to buy a new original phone charger for Infinix, TECNO, itel.  It's also important to keep your charger safe when it's not in use and also remember to unplug it from power source when you're not using it.

Dusty or rusty charging port

Another reason why your Android smartphone is not charging or charging really slow can be as a result of build up of dust in your charging port. Keep your smartphone in your pocket or any other dusty surfaces can clog up your charging port and become a problem for your smartphone. You can use the sim removal tool that came with your smartphone to remove some of the dust particles from your charging port. But if your smartphone charging post is rusty, you can get a replacement at any Carlcare service centre near you.

Low or weak power source

Charging your smartphone through weak or indirectly power source like powerbank, laptop or desktop can slow down your charging and make your smartphone charge very slow or not charge at all. Plugging your smartphone directly to the wall power source will make it charge faster. If it’s still not charging fast the way you wanted you might consider trying a different power outlet. Also chargong your smartphone through power generating set can slow down the harging process and prolong use of it can damage your smartphone battery eventually.

Running multiple apps in the background

In most cases the reason why your phonecharges slowly is because you’re running one or more power consuming apps in the background of your smartphone. One method of identifying battery consuming applications is to check under the settings application. Locate your battery usage option, identify the app and end it.

Old Smartphone or battery

We all should understand that smartphone batteries are not made to last forever. So it could be that the battery itself is the problem and the only solution is to take your smartphone to authorized smartphone repair centres like Carlcare for battery replacement or you can trade in your old Smartphone if it’s more than two years. Carlcare app allows you to locate a centre in your state and you can also check the price of smartphone battery.

Using your smartphone while charging

Another reason why our android smartphone is charging slowly is because a lot of people press their Smartphone while charging. The habit of using our Smartphones while charging it will draws power to your smartphone components and it won’t make your battery juice increase quickly. You can as well put your smartphone on Airplane mode to speed up your smartphone charging process.

Pay attention to system updates

System updates are very essential for every smartphone to work effectively. Most system updates are pushed to our Smartphones to fix bugs, Install the last Google security patches and also improves the general functionality of your smartphone. Systems updates can also be used to upgrade our smartphones from an other Android version to a more recent version. But at times these updates after installation might interfere with how our smartphones perform some functions. So it’s important that you pay attention to the charging process of your smartphone anytime you Install a new update.

Find a mobile repair service

If you’ve tried all the above tips and your smartphone still charges really slow take your smartphone to an authorised smartphone repair service centre like Carlcare. Carlcare is the aftersale partner for TECNO, Infinix and Itel mobile. You can book a reservation online using the Carlcare app, check the price of your battery and also get check the warranty of your smartphone.