Why Phone indicates it is Charging When Not Plugged In

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When a phone malfunctions, it is not in the best interest of the user. If your phone indicates charging when not plugged in, your attention is on how to get it cleared. Most times, it is a regular thing you get away with after a quick reboot.

There are times when the charging indicator takes much longer on the phone after being removed from a power source. A restart may not be able to put the phone back on track. While you are confused about how it happened, you will know why the phone shows charging when not plugged in here.

 why phone shows it is charging when it is not plugged in


Why Phone says It Is Charging When It Is Not Plugged In

Faulty Main Board

The mainboard is the central part of a mobile phone. It conjoins every other component in a mobile phone. Also, the mainboard is responsible for controlling every activity on your mobile device while it is on.

A phone does not function well when it has a faulty mainboard. The mainboard partially controls the activities on your phone when it has a defect. In such cases, the phone shows it is charging after you unplug it from a power source.

If you have got a phone that charges when unconnected to a power source, the error on the phone might be from a faulty mainboard. Most times, you have tried to get your phone working back with a series of rebooting, and it subsequently worked. In this instance, the mainboard of your phone is faulty, and a replacement is needed.

Liquid Damage

Another reason why your phone shows it is charging when not plugged in is liquid damage on the hardware. Have you checked if your phone has a liquid substance in its internal area? Water or any other liquid substance can alter your phone functions when present in the internal hardware parts.

Related reasons why your phone shows charging when it is not plugged in is the exposure to frequent moisture. While using your phone in the kitchen or the bathroom, direct contact with water can create a power-related problem on the phone. If the liquid component accumulates in your phone, you may experience frequent charging errors if you do not get rid of it.

Liquid substances can cause severe harm to your phone. You should check your phone for any liquid substance if your phone shows it is charging when unconnected to a power source.

Dirty Charging Port

Did you recently unplug your phone from a power source? Sometimes you will notice your phone continues to show charging when fully charged. It takes you to reboot or remove the battery before the phone gets fixed several minutes after.

A damaged or bent charging port can inscribe your phone as charging even when you have unplugged it from a USB source. More so, the thin metal piece in your USB port might have been warped around or entangled in the dust. You should look around the bottom to see if there is no cross-link between the metal pieces at the charging port.

The cross-linked metal strip of your damaged charging port can make your phone seem like you plug it into a power source. If you have not checked your charging port for a while, the problem might be from the charging port. 

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Software Glitch

The glitch from your phone software is another reason your phone shows charging when not plugged in. Besides the hardware on your phone, the software also contributes to the running of your phone. A bug in the phone software can alter your charging indicator.

Software controls the running of specific apps and programs on your phone. A glitch in software changes the standard program of your phone. If you have recently installed an app, there may be a bug on it.

While your phone shows charging when unconnected to a power source, you should check your recently installed app for any bugs. You might as well consider a software update on the phone.

How to Fix the Issue

Clean your charging port

If you have noticed dirt in your charging port, clean the dirt at the charging port. However, if the metal strips are intertwined, separate them gently. Extra caution should be applied while handling the charging port to avoid further damage.

Visit a Professional Phone Technician

If you have done a routine check on your phone hardware and software with no effect, it is time to visit a phone repair store. Professional phone repairs will help you fix the phone mainboard and any other related damage with advanced tools. However, if your phone is a TECNO, Infinix, itel brand, then you should visit Carlcare Services for your phone repair.

Carlcare service is an official after-sales brand that specializes in phone repair. Carlcare offers a reliable service for TECNO, Infinix, itel brands. Besides providing professional repair for these brands, there is a 30-day warranty for your repaired phone.


Why is my phone not charging when plugged in