Carlcare becomes authorized service provider for Sun King

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After establishing a firm foothold in the segments of mobile-repairing and IT services, Carlcare is all set to provide its reliable and professional services for solar product users in India. The Carlcare will now be an authorized repairing and installation service center for Sun King, which is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of portable solar products and home energy systems. So in case you need any repair and maintenance or installation service for your Sun King Solar panel products in India, you can count on Carlcare for fast and professional support that we can provide through our wide network of conveniently-located service centers. 

All Your Sun King Products’ Repairing Solutions at One Place

Whether your Sun King solar lamp or panel has damaged, or you’re seeking professional Installation & Repair of Sun King Solar TV, CarlCare is the name you can trust without even batting an eyelid. Our team of experienced and dedicated solar specialists is committed to helping homeowners who’ve gone solar get the most out of their decision. They can use solar panel products with confidence as their repairing and maintenance needs will be best-taken care at their nearest Carlcare centers. 

Some of the Services Carlcare Can Provide to Sun King Users-

  • Solar panel Repair
  • Performance & Electrical Output Analysis
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Solar Installationservice
  • Professional Inspection of System functioning and Safety 

Solar products often need a quick, pro repair when they develop some defects. Your solar roof may get leakage and its efficiency can reduce. Your panel is not producing adequate power due to dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings on it. Or your solar TV screen may simply stop showing. There are umpteen occasions on which you need to rush to a solar repair service center. In that case, it’s always better to give your solar products under the care of reliable experts. CarlCare, being an authorized service centre for Sun King, comes with complete dependability and trust. 

No matter what issue your solar system acquires, we know to fix it and make the system function at the optimum level. Our solar specialists are trained to work on both residential and commercial scales, and have in-depth knowledge of all Sun King products, their designing as well as functioning. So for any installation, repairing, or inspection need, we’re here to provide a proficient, affordable, and prompt service. 

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Carlcare has over 900 service centers spread across 700 towns in India, including some remote places, and is adequately efficient to cater to your solar panel repair needs anywhere in the country. We promise to offer fast services, and our employees do not shy away from challenges even when the work pressure is intense. It is also a fact that our solar technicians are highly skilled and are obsessed with new-age thinking and learning. After providing high-quality repair and installation service over the years, we have become pretty deft in handling almost any problem your solar products may procure. 

CarlCare also prides on its sound and updated tech support. The back-office manpower is strong, and there is a ceaseless focus on research and further development. Adequate training is rendered to all our employees so that they develop finesse when it comes to working with solar users. Over the years, we’ve revolutionized the after-sales experience with our consumer-first-approach. And that has helped us to earn over 100 million customers in as many as 50 nations. 

With this business collaboration between Sun King and Carlcare, more people in India are likely to opt for solar systems as they will assuredly get the highest level of service and utmost customer satisfaction that Carlcare is known for. 

About Sun King 

Greenlight Planet has sold over 12 million Sun King™ solar home energy products to off-grid households around the world. Greenlight Planet reaches remote, off-grid customers through a unique business model involving a vast network of micro-entrepreneurs, more than 300 global strategic distribution partners, and its proprietary EasyBuy (“pay-as-you-go”) installment payment technology that makes safe, high-quality solar energy products affordable for all. Greenlight Planet’s Sun King™ products are currently installed in 65+ countries and serve more than 50 million beneficiaries.