How much does it cost for replacing phone screens of Infinix, TECNO and itel

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One of the most common damages made to smartphones today comes from the screen. No matter how careful we are, even if we always drop the phone into a purse or a handbag after using it, they may still end up dropping to the ground, and the next thing you see will be broken phone screens. Even if you own one of those phones manufactured with a high shatter-resistance screen or you have tempered glass applied to the screen, they may still get broken after several drops.

Those moments, when we brake our screen, can be an excruciating time in our lives because most of us rely on smartphones for work, entertainment, etc. But the good part of it is that they can be replaced when broken with new ones at an affordable price lower than the actual cost of the phone.

Carlcare Service, founded in 2013, is the official after-sales service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel smartphones.We have over twenty-three hundred Carlcare service centres spanning in more than fifty countries around the world.

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How much does it cost for replacing phone screen of Infinix, TECNO, and itel

The cost of replacing phone screen for your Infinix, TECNO, or itel  varies depending on the type of phone you have and the type of screen used on it. But as a result, it's always cheaper than getting a new phone, and we're also making it affordable for you in all possible ways to get a quality broken screen replacement without breaking the bank. We've also made it less stressful for you to check for screen replacement prices at the comfort of your home by using our Carlcare app. All you have to do is just open the app and click on the price page to check for your device.

Below are the cracked display replacement prices for some Infinix, TECNO, and itel smartphones in India. To check for other devices not listed in the table below, kindly open the Carlcare app and tap on 'Price' in the homepage.



Screen Price (Rs)





Hot 8



Camon i ACE 2



Camon i3



Camon i4






it6310 Magic 1 Max









A44 Power






Advantages of repairing phone screens at Carlcare

Having said that we're the official after-sales service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel. We are always working to make things easier for our customers. Here are some benefits you can get when you repair your screen at Carlcare.

High-quality phone screen repair

Carlcare is one of those companies who have been able to retain its dignity in mobile repairs business by fixing your phone with only original spare parts. Being the official after-sales service provider for Infinix, TECNO, and itel, we only make use of spare parts built by your brand to fit your phone. Repairing your broken phone screens may come at a cheaper price but you can't be guaranteed of durability. Some other repairers may even bake broken screen for you in the name of new ones.

Highly experienced and competent engineers.

Carlcare has over 23,000 services centres in more than 50 countries across the globe and we boast of serving a huge number of people annually, Where do you think that comes from? It's from our skilled engineers. No matter which of our centres you walk into, you can always rest assured that you'll get high quality and fast phone repair.

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Hassle-free repair service

Another reason you should also repair cracked mobile screen  from Carlcare is the Online phone repair Reservation platform where you can quickly book an appointment with us describing the issue you have with your phone on our website. By doing so, you've already completed over 50% of the time needed to repair, your screen.

All you have to do is just book the appointment with us and come to the centre in time. You don't have to stay on the queue for so long just to repair your screen. That sounds cool, right?

Price transparency

As said earlier, you can check for prices of your broken phone screen on our mobile app or website before coming for repair. Meaning that no matter which of our service centre you walk into, you will always get your screen repaired at the same price, and it also lets you know what it costs to fix your screen before coming.

Warranty & Guarantee

One of the benefits of replacing phone screens at Carlcare, the official repair centre is the warranty. You can save a lot of money if your Infinix, TECNO, or itel smartphone is still under warranty. After you're guaranteed to have a high-quality repair from our technician, you will also get a warranty for a stipulated time in case you have a problem after the repair.