How to Increase Battery Life in Infinix and TECNO

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The battery life of any smartphone is one of the most important aspects. This is why Infinix and TECNO mobile manufacturers go the extra mile to give you the best battery capacity in the market. What’s more, these mobile device brands come with other battery-saving features, such as power-saving mode and ultra-power saving mode, to ensure you can extend the life of the battery for as long as you need.

How to Increase Battery Life in Infinix and TECNO

Tips on increasing your Infinix and TECNO phone’s battery life

Apart from using these power-saving features, there are other ways to prolong battery life in Infinix and TECNO mobile phones.

  • Choose low brightness

On average, the display of a mobile device can consume up to 40% of the battery power. The brighter the display, the more power it needs to remain on. This will ultimately deplete your battery charge faster. One way to extend your battery life is by setting your display light to the lowest. This will minimize battery drain in your Infinix or TECNO mobile, thus ensuring you stay longer without needing to recharge.

  • Identify apps that drain your battery

Some apps on your phone can shorten your battery life. You can find out which apps are draining your battery power by going to the battery stats feature. Here, you will find all the apps draining your power. If you are not actively using the apps, you can disable them to stop them from running in the background. This will help to extend your battery life.

  • Disable sync settings

The sync function is important to most people because it allows them to sync different services like e-mail across all their devices. While this feature is convenient, it is also a serious battery drainer. If you need to make your phone battery last longer, you will need to disable the sync function.

  • Use the power saving mode feature

Infinix and TECNO mobile devices come with a power-saving mode feature and ultra-power-saving mode feature. These are emergency features created to ensure you can extend battery power for longer, especially when you cannot immediately plug your phone onto a charger. Ensure you activate any of these modes when you need to save on the phone charge.

  • Turn off GPS and Bluetooth

These two functions require a lot of power to work. When left on, they can seriously drain your battery power. If you do not need the Bluetooth and GPS function, always remember to turn the off. You will be surprised at how much longer your battery lasts when these two are turned off.

Where to replace the battery for Infinix and TECNO

It is normal for mobile devices to develop battery issues. If you need to change your Infinix or TECNO battery, ensure you do so only through the Carlcare service center. Carlcare is the official TECNO and Infinix mobile device service brand that guarantees to use only the best and original batteries for these brands.

You can make an online repair reservation which will ensure you get priority service once you drop the mobile device at the service center for battery repair.

Hint: Check your phone warranty status or Check your phone repair status