Latest Infinix Phone in Kenya

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Latest Infinix Phone in Kenya

In Kenya, the most recent Infinix phone available in 2021.

If you are confused while choosing the best-fitting Infinix Smartphone, you have landed at the right place. We are here to help you with your choice of the latest Infinix phone in Kenya to fit your needs and wants. We have sieved through all the products by Infinix in the last few months and years to come up with this review guide for you. Here’s the list of the latest Infinix phones in Kenya that we will be discussing in this guide today with their price in Kenya –

  • Infinix Note 10 Pro
  • Infinix HOT 10T
  • Infinix Hot 10 Play
  • Infinix Hot 10i

All four of these smartphones include very different features, and they also have their own differences in price. If you have used Infinix before, you would know the performance and speed offered to the users of the latest Infinix phone in Kenya 2021. The company is known for launching budgeted smartphones into the market with such advanced features for users to enjoy. You can get so much out of investing so little for the Infinix phones and prices in Kenya Shillings.


Infinix Note 10 Pro – The device has four cameras on the back, including a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 2MP black, and white camera, and a 2MP portrait camera. At the front, you get a 16 MP camera snapper that gives you high-resolution selfies with such great clarity. The front camera is tucked in a small front hole that covers less space on the display.

Infinix Hot 10T - The front camera of this phone is an 8MP camera. At the back, you get a triple camera setup with a 48 MP main camera, a 2MP depth camera, and an AI lens.

Infinix Hot 10 Play - Talking about the cameras on the Hot 10, the device has 3 of them. There are 2 cameras at the back and 1 at the front for the users to capture all the moments. At the back is a 13 MP camera and an AI lens with an 8 MP selfie camera.

Infinix Hot 10i - The main camera of this phone is a 13MP camera with an AI lens at the back. At the front, Infinix has provided a super-clear 8MP front camera to capture every moment.

Kenyan price

Infinix Note 10 Pro – The Note 10 Pro is priced at around KSH. 26,000, which is significantly less than the competition. You get amazing features in this flagship phone featuring a G90 chip for the processor.  

Infinix HOT 10T – The HOT 10T is one of the latest Infinix phones in Kenya. On the market, Infinix Hot 10 Play price in Kenya ranges somewhere between KSH 15,000 and KSH 16800 as per the specifications.

Infinix Hot 10 Play – When it comes to Hot 10 Play, the device is similar to a scaled-down version of Hot 10. The price of the device is set around KSh. 14,500 and the features are a little less than the Hot 10 device.

Infinix Hot 10i – Considered as one of the cheapest smartphones yet with amazing features, the Infinix Hot 10i price in Kenya is around KSh. 12,000 and KSh. 13,000 depending on their choice of specifications.


Infinix Note 10 Pro – Powered by an Octa-Core processor, MediaTek Helio G90 SoC, and a clock speed of 2.05 GHz, the Note 10 offers fast performance with a clean and intuitive design.

Infinix HOT 10T – The new Hot 10T is powered by amazing Infinix Hot 10T specifications, an Helio G90 chip, which makes every process as fast as a panther. The device is a powerhouse with a G52 GPU and a 90hz refresh rate that provides 118fps easily.

Infinix Hot 10 Play –The device is powered by a 12nm Helio G35 chip with an Octa-core MediaTek processor, which helps save battery life while providing excellent performance to the user.

Infinix Hot 10i – This is the latest Infinix phone in Kenya, a low-cost mobile phone. The Hot 10i has a 2.0GHz octa-core Helio G25 processor, which is a 2.0GHzocta-core Helio X25 processor. This helps the device boot very fast and lets the user execute high-end processes pretty easily.

Memory and storage

Infinix Note 10 Pro - Apart from all the amazing features you learned about the Note 10 Pro in the previous headline, you must have guessed the RAM and ROM. In any case, the device has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space, which is expandable in case your apps consume all of the storage space.

Infinix HOT 10T – The Hot 10T comes with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space, allowing you to keep as many files as you want. The RAM when working with the GPU G52 provides such an efficient performance for users.

Infinix Hot 10 Play – The RAM on the Hot 10 Play is available in two configurations: 2 GB or 4 GB. The chipset is, however, the same for both variants.

Infinix Hot 10i - The device is a pretty budgeted one, and the latest Infinix phone in Kenya. It only has 2GB of RAM. But, don’t underestimate it as it can stand out of all the other phones with 2 GB RAM in the market. The device has a powerful processor to provide efficient performance to the users.

System of Operations

Infinix Note 10 Pro: The device runs on XOS 7.6, which is the latest one right now. The OS features so many customized features for the Infinix users that help provide ease of access to the users. You also get a very clean layout for all the applications that fit perfectly on the big screen on the Note 10 Pro.

Infinix HOT 10T – The Infinx Hot 10T runs the XOS7.6 operating system, which is equivalent to the Android 11 version. The XOS is a customized OS only for Infinix users, with advanced features to ease every single task.

Infinix Hot 10 Play – Because the Hot 10 Play was released earlier than most Infinix mobile phones, it has XOS 7.0, which is the Android 10 version. If the update is available for your device, you can download it.

Infinix Hot 10i: The Hot 10i runs on a very different OS than the other smartphones. It runs on the Android 11 Go edition that helps speed up the speed and performance of the device.

Wrapping Up

Reading about all these different variants, we are wondering how thoughtfully Infinix has crafted its smartphones. We hope this guide helped you with the information you were looking for. To get your hands on the smartphone of your choice, you can look out for any store nearby that deals with the latest Infinix phones in Kenya for users.

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