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Tecno Mobile Customer Care

TECNO mobile is the brand behind some of the most impressive Android phones. Carlcare offers official support for Techno phones directly. They continue to release new models with even better features. It goes without saying that customers and intending customers always need to reach out to the Tecno mobile customer care for help. 

Carlcare Service customer care is the official customer support point for Tecno phone problems and inquiries, and they handle these issues through their accredited centres. Conducting a random search of the Tecno mobile customer care is confusing for users because you get referred to Carlcare Service.  

There are direct ways to reach the Tecno mobile customer care, and here is how you can contact Tecno phone customer care by call or email. You can also book an appointment online for a physical visit. 

Carlcare Services support – call, chat and email details

Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for several android phone brands. One of their phones is Tecno. They offer services in Tecno mobile customers. 

At Carlcare: 

  • We handle all kinds of phone repairs, 
  • Replacement of parts, and 
  • Providing warranty services to Tecno mobile phone users. 

Carlcare has several service centers in different locations. If you search for Tecno customer care near me, you will find several Carlcare service centres on the list. It is easy to locate a centre using the Carlcare app or the website. 

  • You can send us an email to service@carlcare.com, and you will receive directions to a centre near you. 
  • You can also call the customer care lines on the Carlcare website to book an appointment. 
  • The easiest would be to use the Carlcare app or visit the website on your phone to book an appointment. 
    • Select Book a phone repair 
    • Choose your location 
    • Choose DateTime 
    • Follow the prompt to book an appointment
  • To chat with a technical expert, launch the Carlcare app on your phone 
    • Click on inquiry
    • Click on start to send a message to the expert and get an instant response. 

Official Tecno mobile customer care support - call and email details

Some Tecno mobile outlets can have a technical support centre at Carlcare Service Centres where you can walk in to do some phone repairs. However, this is not in all the outlets. Looking for Tecno customer care near me, Carlcare Service Center will offer you phone repair services.

If you want to call a Carlcare customer care number for support; 

  • Visit Carlcare mobile app on your mobile
  • It will prompt you to allow your device to make calls. You will get connected to Carlcare Service customer care
  • You can now speak to the agent about your inquiry or problems. Note that the support line varies from country to country of residence. Ensure to turn on your Google location services to help you navigate easily.

Phone repair issues that require the Tecno mobile customer care

Now, what are some of the phone issues you might have with your Tecno Android phone that needs you to look for the Tecno mobile company customer care number? 

  • Warranty check – If you have any issue with your Tecno phones like connection problems, damaged screen or any other problem, you should do a warranty check to find out if you are still within the warranty coverage of your phone. If you are, then you are entitled to have the damage fixed at no cost.
  • Repair status – Helps to check the repair status of your phone.
  • Tecno phone details – You can inquire about the release date of a phone model, newly added features, and make other inquiries.
  • Tecno network problem – You can also reach out to the Tecno help centre if you have a problem with your network or internet connectivity.
  • Phone repair: If you want to initiate a repair of any damage on your device, you also need the Tecno phone customer care. 
  • You could simply want to know the nearest Tecno service centre near you. 

How to locate Tecno mobile customer care near you

There are different ways to locate the Tecno mobile customer care, and it can be done on any other internet-enabled device. 

  • On your browser, visit Tecno Official site
    • Under support , click on "Carlcare" to visit Carlcare official site for phone repair. Then continue to the second method.
  • Visit Carlcare website
    • Select Book a phone repair
    • Allow location services
    • This will give you a list of centres close to you. If the list is not satisfactory, you can enter the city and state manually, to get a fuller list. 
  • You can go ahead to book an online reservation by entering the phone model and describing the phone fault 
    • Select a centre from the options presented 
    • Enter date and time of reservation.


Carlcare app is pre-installed in Tecno, Infinix, and itel. You can use it to address simple issues like the warranty check. Carlcare app looks for any updates about recently released models. You can also chat with a professional technician and ask anything you need to know. If you have any phone repair or replacement of any part, you need to reach Carlcare Service via their app. 

Use the app to book an appointment with ease, and you will have the service centre agents call you to confirm your appointment. They will give you quick and efficient service when you walk into the service centres. 

Follow the solutions above to locate a Tecno mobile customer care centre near you.