Can a Repaired Phone Be Waterproof?

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Phones and water are never compatible, especially if the user allows the water to stay long. If you are asking the question, "Can a repaired phone be waterproof?" It depends on the extent of the damage done to the phone. However, many phones can be waterproof after repair if the damage is not severe and there is no water passage. Here is what you need to know.

Can a Repaired Phone Be Waterproof?

The Basics of Water Resistance and Waterproof

Can a repaired phone be waterproof? The answer is knowing the difference between waterproof and water resistant. A waterproof phone means total protection for your phone, while a water-resistant mobile means some level of coverage but is not totally safe from water damage. It is also essential to know there are levels of water resistance. 

For a phone to be water resistant, there is some level of tightness that has been done to ensure when the phone gets wet, it is preserved. Whereas waterproof is put in place to protect some delicate circuits inside the phone system. So, when someone puts their phone in the water to take pictures or record video, it is waterproof.

Common Water Damages You Should Know

Whenever your phone comes in contact with water, some technical faults will show no matter how you try to self-repair. Although your phone may not likely develop a fault, it is a case of splashes and dust if it does not contact the phone's vitals. Here are some common water damage:

Phone Will Not Turn On

In this situation, your phone is water-drenched and has probably been in there for 30 minutes. If you have tried different measures, and it still won't turn on, it needs to be checked by a professional.

Phone Is Not Charging

Water often causes corrosion when it becomes too much on the charging port. Too much of it makes the charging port a dead spot. Your phone might need to be unscrewed.

Damaged Screen

The screen is usually the first part of the phone component to be damaged. No matter how firm your phone case is, water quickly finds its way to the screen. The result of too much water is screen coloration and malfunctioning keys.

Speaker No Longer Working

This is common in every electronics. Mobile phone is not an exemption. The speaker grill gets muffled, or there is a complete audio failure. Even the use of compressed air to clean it out might not help.

The Impact of Repairs on Water Resistance Phone

Can a repaired phone be waterproof? The answer is yes. However, you must understand that such a phone needs quality repair and must be protected once the repair is done. Here are some of the impact on the phone after repair:

The Type Of Repair

For a phone that has been water-resistant upon buying it, water damage is likely to reduce the level of its resistance. Whether screen replacement, changing of charging port and speaker, or speaker, it is the same. The purpose of being water resistant also means protecting your phone from coming in contact with water.

The Quality Of Replacement Spare Parts

Repairing a damaged phone can be quite stressful, and that is in the place of getting quality replacements. If the damaged part is not replaced with a better one, the phone may likely not be durable in resisting water again. 

Assembling And Sealing

The phone needs to be sealed properly after repair. Many Android users have complained of their phones getting water-damaged after repair. The problem is that it is not properly sealed or well arranged. Sometimes, it could be that the replacement does not fit or isn't well coupled from the manufacturer.

IP Is Affected

Unscrewing a phone affects the mobile device's Ingress Protection rating (IP). In some cases, it may not be totally affected but will likely result in a low level of water resistance.

The Repairer

If your phone's water resistance or the waterproof is affected, do not attempt to give it to a repairer you are not sure of. It is better to consult a registered phone center. Repairs have to do with creativity, something Carlcare has done conveniently over the years. However, unprofessional repairers are likely the cause of why you have to buy a waterproof bag for your phone.

Types of Waterproofing

Waterproofing is much safer than water-resistant. Waterproof phones come in different kind different kinds of methods, and it is the manufacturer that determines it. Below are the types of waterproofing:

Rubber Gaskets or Sealing Adhesives

This type of waterproofing ensures a phone is safe and secure from water damage. They are usually water resistant and can save your phone even in heavy water. It also keeps the phone from moisture and other water particles away from delicate components.

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating

Can a repaired phone be waterproof? Among the answers to the question is the ingress protection the manufacturer has ensured to make your phone safe from water and dust. IP rating has two separate numbers: the first one is tasked with measuring solid particles, and the second is for water.

Where Can I Repair My Phone for Quality Waterproof – Carlcare

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