How do I Update my Phone

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How do I Update my Phone

Would you like to know how I update my phone? We should keep our phones up to date because updates include improved security features and improved UX design. The added security features make your phone bulletproof from malicious attacks. Nowadays, updates are rolled out frequently to supported mobile devices models. Some phones may not get these updates because of a lack of support from phones manufacturers. It is essential to know how I update my phone when manufacturers roll out updates. This article will answer how I update my phone by taking you through simple and easy steps to keep your phone up to date.

How do I Update my Phone?

Check for updates

Please have a look at how do I update my phone. To check for updates or to install new updates, follow these steps. First, connect to a stable, strong wi-fi or internet. Also, make sure your phone battery is not low to make sure you are not interrupted while your phone downloads and installs. Now let get started on how do I update my phone.

  • Connect to the wi-fi or internet.
  • Proceed to your mobile “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to “Software Updates” and tap “Software Updates.”
  • Tap “Download and install.”

On tapping “Download and install”, your phone will run “checking for updates…”. You will get one of these two messages after this process finishes checking for updates:

  • Your software is up to date, or
  • Download and Install updates

When your phone is up to date, you get notified, “Your software is up to date” hence you are good to continue using your phone. However, if not, you need to tap on the “Download and Install” button to get updates installed. Wait for a few minutes for downloads to finish and then install the newly downloaded software updates. Your phone will prompt for rebooting or restarting to complete the installation process. 

Difference between auto-update and manual updates

The steps that you just learned on how do I update my phone guide are auto-updates. And, if you are planning to learn how to update android manually, follow these simple guidelines on how to update with OTA updates: 

  • Connect your computer to a Wi-Fi network
  • Download Android phone manufacturer desktop software
  • Plugin one end of your USB to computer and the other end to your phone
  • Open above downloaded Android manufacturer desktop app
  • Click on the "update" option
  • Choose the new files to update with and follow any instructions given to complete this process.

How to know your device needs to be updated?

Every device gets a notification whenever there is an update available for any smartphone. However, if the internet connection is not that strong, there is a possibility of missing updates. But, don’t you worry, the steps above on updating an android phone will help you fix it.

Also, you can use any search engine to look for the latest android version on the market. Phone release articles will help you know if your manufacturer has released any newer versions for the auto-updates. If not, you can always use the manual updates and customize the OS.

Have you crashed your device’s OS?

There is minimal chance of getting your device crashed while upgrading. Android users who face issues while updating the OS, and they wonder, why is my phone not updating? The best way to do it is to contact a professional service provider to get it done for you.

Carlcare helps users to update their phones. Some users may fair to update because they may end up crashing software while updating manually. In both cases, you can get all the help you need from Carlcare. All you need to do is locate the nearest Carlcare service centre near you. You can do that by visiting the Carlcare website and finding the nearest service centre.

Final thoughts

Make sure you have the most reliable software to perform the manual updates. As mentioned above in this guide of updating the Android OS on unlocking steps will help you complete the upgrades. Also, always make a backup of your data before you manually update your phone. Finally, keep yourself updated with the new updates to get the maximum out of your smartphone.