How To Get Puk Code To Unlock Sim Card

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Don’t become fret or hopeless if your phone asks for PUK after you've blocked your SIM card by entering the wrong pin three times. Just keep reading to know how to get a PUK code to unlock the SIM card.   

How To Get Puk Code To Unlock Sim Card

Your Personal Unlocking Key (PUK) is the only way to access your SIM card after being blocked because of entering the wrong SIM card pin repeatedly three times. It comprises only eight digits, but it's just as essential if you need to unblock your SIM card.

However, the painful thing is that, even though it's accessible to you since you bought the SIM card, there are chances you may never count it worthy until now that you need it. That can happen to just about anyone, and it's usually not a problem if you do not make it one. You can retrieve your PUK number in several ways, such as checking your original SIM card packaging, calling customer service, or checking your profile on your service provider’s platform or app.

Either way, it requires deep digging and a lot of work. But that shouldn't scare you at this point. Do you get it?

Caution!!! Ensure you find the right PUK for your blocked SIM card and enter it correctly. Entering the wrong PUK (about ten times) may render the SIM card useless.


Now, here are the three popular ways to find the right PUK code for your SIM:

1.  On the Sim Card Packaging

The simplest and most effective way to find the PUK code to unlock your SIM card is through the packaging box. You probably remember the flat plastic packaging you received when you purchase a SIM card, don't you? You should find your PUK and default SIM pin code printed on the pack.

Kindly search through your house for the packaging and check its back to find the key. It may be sealed under a scratchable area on some old packages, while you may find it opened on some newer ones. Either way, the right PUK contains only 8 digits and should unlock your SIM card easily.

Finding the SIM package shouldn’t be a problem for “good stuff keepers.” But if you’re like the rest of us who can’t, by any means, retrieve the SIM packaging, try any of the two other means below to find your PUK.

2.  Through Your Network Operator’s App or Website

Truth be told, I don't think I can ever find my SIM card packaging anymore, and that's probably the case for most people.

But thankfully, many mobile operators allow you to view your SIM card PUK by logging in to your account on their app or website. Kindly login to their respective website or app, and navigate to your profile to see if you can get anything relating to “PUK” there.

That shouldn't be a problem if you are already using or logged in to the platform before you got your SIM blocked. Otherwise, you may not have permission to access anything, as you may be required to enter OTP to confirm your identity.

Meanwhile, if you can’t get into your phone to use the app/website because of the SIM lock, kindly remove the SIM card and try again. You can re-insert the SIM and enter the PUK code after getting it.

3.  By Calling Customer Service

If none of the above methods works for you, it's time to call the customer service., which should be easier for most people. Your mobile operator manufactured your SIM card, so they have every detail you may need. But first, you should also be able to prove your identity before they can release anything to you.

Call your customer care number using another phone and explain your problem to them. And after asking several questions, they should provide your PUK number to prove your identity.

Nonetheless, the customer service won’t release the code if you can’t prove yourself. And there’s probably nothing else you can do at that stage. So, before you call them, ensure you know some details, including your name, address, date of birth, etc.

How Can I Get My Puk Code Online?

As said earlier, you may get your PUK code online by signing into your account through your mobile operator’s website or app. Otherwise, you may contact customer care through their chat service or social media handle.

That's how to get a PUK code to unlock SIM card online. Asides from those, there’s no other online repository where you can get your PUK code.

Is the Puk Code Written on Sim Cards?

No. Most service provider manufacturers won't write the Personal Unlocking Key on the SIM card. For security measures, you may only find it on the packaging you received when you purchase your SIM card.

Search through your house to find the SIM pack to get your PUK.

Where Do I Enter the Puk Code on Android?

Follow these steps to unblock your SIM card after getting the right PUK number from any means said above.

  • Insert your SIM card into an Android phone, which should take you to the PUK screen after booting up, telling you that your SIM card is locked and have ten attempts before it becomes permanently blocked.
  • From there, enter the 8-digit PUK code you’ve received.
  • If correct, the latter screen will tell you to set up a new PIN code; enter your desired PIN code and confirm it to unblock the SIM card.


Caution!!! Ensure you find the right PUK for your blocked SIM card and enter it correctly. Entering the wrong PUK (about ten times) may render the SIM card useless.

What Should I Do if My Sim Is Permanently Blocked?

If your SIM card is permanently blocked as a result of entering the wrong PUK repeatedly ten times, the only way out is to contact your service provider. Perhaps, they’ll need to help you retrieve your line (by linking your phone number to a new SIM card).

A PUK is attached to a particular SIM card hardware and not the phone number, so it’s possible to still be able to regain your phone number when you visit the customer service center. However, you’ll lose all the contacts saved on the SIM card if you don’t have a backup already.


Final Thoughts

“How to get PUK code to unlock SIM card” shouldn’t be problematic for people who still find their SIM pack. But for the rest of us who might not have that, contacting customer service could be the only solution, and that should be easy, provided you have your correct details on the SIM card.

After getting ahold of the right PUK to unblock your SIM card, do not hesitate to write it somewhere you can get it easily if you need it later. Perhaps, storing it in your Google Drive won’t be a bad idea.