How to Get Water Out of Your Charger Port

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Water can get into your charging port in different ways, and when faced with this problem, it’s crucial to know how to get the moisture out of your charger port to repair your device before it sustains further water damage.

One way through which water can enter your phone or tablet is by submerging it in a water source inadvertently, in which case water invades every opening in the handset.

Here, we’ll show you how to get water out of your charger port.

One of the openings that water easily enters when your device is submerged in water is the charging port, and when this port is wet, you won’t be able to charge your phone.

How to Get Water Out of Your Charger Port

How Can Water Get Into a Charging Port?

Let’s take a look at some causes of moisture appearing in your charger port:

Submersion in water

If your Android smartphone or iPhone gets submerged in water, it can cause water damage as water invades every opening in the handset. To repair water damage in the phone’s charger port, consider mastering ways to get water out of the charging port.


When you’re drenched with rain and you’ve your handset in your pocket, the mobile device, especially the charging port, can become wet due to direct exposure to moisture.


Another way through which mobile phones become exposed to moisture is when they’re kept in a sweaty environment. For instance, during a workout, your smartphone can get wet if you’ve it in your pocket drenched with sweat.

Ways to Protect Your Phone Against Water

Another aspect of today’s tutorial on how to get water out of your charger port is, the steps for protecting your device against moisture:

Buy a Waterproof or Water-Resistant Case

The object of designing waterproof cases is to protect your phone from water damage. Such accessories are built to seal every opening in your handset.

Make Water Distancing a Habit

If you’re the kind of person who sees it as a must to take your smartphone with you everywhere you go, you may find it difficult to practice keeping your device away from a water source. Endeavor to keep your phone at least six feet away from a water source such as a swimming pool, tank, and others.

Make Use of the Dry Bag

With a dry bag, you can keep your phone safe inside to ensure moisture doesn’t invade any opening of the handset. You can find dry bags and similar accessories at an affordable price in Carlcare centers.

Opt for a Waterproof Phone

With a waterproof or water-resistant smartphone, you can protect the key components of your device from permanent damage caused by water. Such handsets ensure liquid doesn’t enter the openings like the charger port in your phone.

Also, it keeps moisture away from touching the other components of the handset.

How Do You Dry Out a Phone Charger Port?

When you detect moisture in your phone’s charging port, here are four different methods you can use to dry it up:

How to Get Water Out of Your Charger Port With Rice Overnight

Placing the wet phone in a jar of rice for 24 hours or overnight can dry it up and get rid of moisture inside the charger port. But you need to ensure no rice particles are left inside the port because that may cause issues in the device.

How to Get Water Out of Your Charger Port With Wool

You can also use cotton wool, a cotton swab, or an absorbent paper towel to remove moisture from your phone’s charging port. To get started, switch off the device.

Then, wrap the absorbent material (a tiny piece of it is enough) or the cotton wool around a needle, a toothpick, or a pin, making sure this is tiny enough in such a way that it fits well into the space in the port.

Move it around gently to dry the charger port. Let air get into the port for some time (about 30 minutes) before you switch it on.

Use Compressed Air

To dry the phone’s charging port or lightning port faster, place it near an open space or in front of a fan. Some people use an external heat source to get water out of the port.

Avoid this because the heat can increase your smartphone’s temperature to an unsafe level, which can create more problems or even melt the exterior.

When your iPhone sends a liquid detection alert, that means there’s water in your smartphone. To get water out of the iOS device,  gently tap the handset against your hand, with the lightning connector facing down to get rid of moisture.

Leave the device in a dry area that has some flow of air.

Make Use of the Wireless Charger

If your device isn’t charging even though you’ve applied the above tips, consider making use of a wireless charger. But before charging, first, ensure both the handset and wireless charger don’t contain any moisture.

How to Locate a Carlcare Service Center Near You

To repair water damage to your phone, locate the nearby Carlcare service center:

  • Visit Carlcare’s site
  • Navigate to the section titled Phone Repair
  • Click on Service Center
  • The sections, Country, State, and City, will show up on the next page
  • Enter your country, state, and city in the right column
  • Press Search
  • On the next page, you’ll see the addresses of Carlcare service centers in your state/city

How to Book Phone Repair

In this section of the tutorial on how to get water out of your charger port, we look at how to make a reservation with Carlcare.

You can book a reservation for water damage repair on Carlcare’s website as follows:

  • Head to Carlcare’s website
  • A pop-up message that states Book for Phone Repair will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on the pop-up, and on the next page, you’ll see five sections
  • Select your smartphone model in the first column, Details, and in the next section, type the issue (water damage) with the mobile device
  • Click the next section, Service Store, to select your preferred service center
  • In the next section, choose the reservation time
  • Go to the Personal Information section, type your name and number to enable Carlcare to reach you on the phone
  • Click on Submit

On the next page, you’ll see an estimate of the cost of the water damage repair service.

Final Thoughts

By reading this guide, you can learn how to get water out of your charger port. There are different causes of this problem, and we’ve explained ways to fix it above.