How to locate a Phone Repair Shop Near Me

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How to locate a phone repair shop near me needs to be good with a GPS locator or Google Maps. You need to at least have the address, customer care number, and email address of cell phone repair shops near you, and also know how to book phone repair appointments online.

Using this solution, you should be able to locate the nearest phone repair shop as well as a cheap phone repair shop near me.

Phone Repair Shop Near Me

Carlcare service centres

Some of the best phone repair shops you can find near you are Carlcare Service Centers. Carlcare is the official support center for Tecno, Itel, Infinix, and Syinix. Carlcare service centers serve as phone repair services.

Carlcare has thousands of service centers across the globe, and you will likely find one of these centers among the results when you search for mobile phone repair shops near me.

To locate the Carlcare service center, you can use the app or the website to locate a center near you and book a phone repair appointment on any day and time of your choice. You can also use the customer care lines, depending on your location to call and book an appointment.

You can also send an email to and we will direct you to the center closest to you.

How to locate a cell phone repair shop near me?

To locate the phone repair shop near you;

  • visit the Carlcare website or open the app on your phone
  • Select Book a phone repair
  • It will prompt you to turn in on-location services. Do this so that you can immediately get a suggestion from the mobile phone repair shops closest to you.
  • Select any of the suggestions, and enter the date and time of the appointment.
  • Provide a detailed description of the phone fault
  • Enter your phone number so customer care can call you to confirm your appointment.

How to use the Carlcare Service Center

For speedy service at the Carlcare repair shops near you, you should book an appointment before your visit, even if it is in the next hour. Use the steps in the solution above to book a phone repair visit.

If you want to go to the center without booking an appointment, visit the website, click on service center> enter your country and city > click search.

It will provide you with a list of Carlcare service centers and repair shops around your location. You can choose anyone to pay a visit. You can visit us for phone repairs, screen replacement, battery and charging problems.

Initial requirements phone repair shop will look at

One of the first things the Carlcare repair shop will look at is if your phone is still within the warranty period. They can determine this by checking the IME number. If it is within the warranty period, then you will get to enjoy the repair services for free. They will also check if the phone is a genuine and trusted phone from the manufacturer, particularly if you purchased it second-hand.

Services fixed by a phone repair shop

A good cell phone repair shop should offer all kinds of phone repair services, but due to high demand, some local cell phone repair shops choose to focus on some services. This is also influenced by the location.

Almost all phone repair shops handle services like changing the cracked screen or screen protector, headphone problems, and charging issues.

Carlcare phone repair shops can fix all kinds of phone faults or damages even if it requires replacing any parts. Our service centers are stocked with reliable spare parts from the manufacturers.

Can phone repair shops fix water damage?

You don’t need to research phone screen repair shops near me or cell phone repair shops near me. A good repair shop should be able to handle all the phone damages from damaged screens to charging port problems, water damage, or touch screen problems.

Carlcare service center has expert teams that can handle all phone repair issues if you use a phone from any of the brands we service.

Do cell phone repair shops need my password?

A cell phone repair shop may need you to write down your phone password or pattern, to properly diagnose what the problem is with your phone, especially if you are leaving the phone behind for repair. If it is to be fixed in your presence, the technician may ask you to unlock it before handing it in for repair.

At Carlcare service centers, we do not require any password to fix screen damage, port problems, or any external problems.

However, any repair involving phone software or a screen problem will require you to provide your pattern or password to the technician to allow him access or write it down if you want to leave it behind.

You need not worry about it. Just ensure to protect sensitive data, backup any files you need to, and after the repair, you can change your password. You can take out your SIM card and SD card (if you do not have apps on the SD card).

How much do cell phone repair shops make?

There is no way to determine how much cell phone repair shops make daily or weekly. This largely depends on the availability of clients, the kind of phone damage you repair, and your location. So a cell phone repair shop in a busy area with an average of 10 - 15 clients daily, should earn more than another with an average of 3 clients daily.

Usually, most cell phone repair shops will engage in other businesses like the sale of phone spare parts, phone accessories, and related gadgets, to supplement their income.

Benefits of using a phone repair shop near me

If you decide to use any of the Carlcare phone repair shops around you, you will save yourself the stress and time of taking a random walk to the store in search of a mobile technician. Carlcare service centers give you;

  • Swift and reliable services. It gets even better if you book an appointment, you don’t have to wait in line.
  • Carlcare team has experts who use only the best techniques to handle any phone repairs
  • Genuine and reliable parts are available at Carlcare to make any replacement on your mobile phone
  • At Carlcare repair shops, we give you fair prices on your cell phone repairs