itel Screen Replacement Price In Kenya

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Having issues with your itel phone's screen? We've included the official itel screen replacement price in Kenya and why you should let trusted and experienced hands handle this task for you in this article.

Smartphone users across the globe can attest to the fact that few things can be as frustrating as operating a phone with a broken or cracked screen. It can drastically reduce your enjoyment of the phone, easily lead to several avoidable errors and negatively impact your productivity if you rely on your phone for corporate engagements. Phone screen repair is an exacting process that requires utmost precision and expertise. That's why your search for solutions to phone screen issues should ideally lead to Carlcare.

 itel screen replacement price in kenya

The Official Customer Care for itel Screen Replacement In Kenya

Carlcare is the official customer care service for itel, TECNO, and Infinix phones. We offer a wide range of solutions to several technical issues with phones and other electronic gadgets. Our after-sales services are also practically unrivaled.

We boast a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians which ensures that no issue is beyond our realms of knowledge. However, the quality that stands us apart from the others, and which we're most proud of, is our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

No matter what you need to be done, you can bank on the fact that we'll get it done swiftly and professionally, with minimal impact on your schedule. Visit us today and let us offer you our highly personalized service.

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How Much Does It Cost For itel Screen Replacement In Kenya

Here's a detailed list of prices for the repair of itel phone screens in Kenya to help you budget and plan accordingly. These prices include costs for original phone screen parts and charges for repair.  Nevertheless, it should be noted that these prices can be affected by prevalent market situations in different periods and may therefore vary.

itel phone model

itel original screen replacement price in Kenya - including repair labor (KES)

itel A41/A41 Plus


itel A44


itel A23-LCD


itel A23-TP


itel A46-LCD


itel A46-TP


itel A14-LCD


itel A14-TP


itel A35


itel A36-LCD


itel A36-TP


itel A56-LCD


itel A56-TP


itel A55-LCD


itel A55-TP


itel A33-LCD


itel A33-TP


itel A16/itel A16 Plus-LCD


itel A16/itel A16 Plus-TP


itel A15-LCD


itel A15-TP


itel S15/S15 Pro-LCD


itel S15/S15 Pro-TP


itel S32


itel S43 mini


itel A42 Plus-LCD


itel A42 PLus-TP


itel S13/itel S13 Pro


itel P36


itel P33-LCD


itel P33-TP


itel P32


itel P13/P13 Plus-LCD


itel P13/P13 Plus-TP


itel P12-LCD


itel P12-TP


itel S33


itel vision1


Why Choose Carlcare For itel Screen Replacement

The decision of whom to entrust the task of repairing the damaged screen of your itel phone is not one you should treat with levity. Handing this task out to the wrong people will amount to a waste of resources and may even lead to more significant damage to the phone in the long run.

That's why you should entrust this task to Carlcare. In addition to offering the quickest turnarounds and providing the most budget-friendly option, here are other reasons why you should make Carlcare your service of choice for itel screen replacement:

High-Quality Repair

At Carlcare, our workmen are skilled, driven, motivated, experienced, and professional, adept at carrying out a wide variety of phone repairs with consummate ease. We understand the full spectrum of phone repair issues and can offer emphatic and creative solutions to them.

Beyond that, we've built our reputation as the foremost customer care service on complete customer satisfaction, that's why we're willing to go above and beyond boards to maintain this standard. All these translate to the fact that when you make use of our service, you're guaranteed to receive repairs of the highest quality standards.

Only Original Spare Parts

Counterfeit or defective spare parts are not only unethical, but they are also highly destructive. They will shorten the lifespan of your phone, reduce its value and cause extensive damage to other parts of the phone, leading to ever-increasing repair costs and eventually, having to write off the phone.

With Carlcare, there is no question of this problem ever arising. Being the official customer care service for itel, TECNO and Infinix, we only work with original spare parts gotten directly from their factories. When you assign phone screen repair and other tasks to us, what you'll get back is a phone that's practically as good as new.

30-90 Days Warranty

We've seen it happen countless times in the past. Sometimes, you send out your phone for repairs and it comes back in perfect working condition. It goes on to work flawlessly like that for several days, weeks even. Then suddenly, the same problem resurfaces and you'd have to pay for repairs all over again.

That's not the case with Carlcare. When you work with Carlcare, you get the assurance provided by solid knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, to give you additional peace of mind, we offer a 30-90 days warranty so that you can ascertain the genuineness of the repair. Within this period, if any other issue comes up, we'll fix that as well, at no cost to you.

Customer Support

Our customer support is another reason why we're so highly regarded by our customers and clients alike. No matter what your queries, feedback, and questions are, our dedicated team of customer care agents is always on hand to provide guidance and solutions.

We can be reached at any time of day through our various online platforms. Apart from phone repair, we also offer a broad range of after-sales services including system upgrades, downloading of files, the phone unlocks and flashing, and other services that will make using your phone a more pleasurable experience for you.

You can also visit us at any Carlcare service around you and we'll be glad to assist you with any issues. We'll also be pleased to answer any questions regarding any of our services or promos that you may have. Come and experience the highly personalized service of our professional and courteous staff.