Rise of DIY Mobile Phone Repair and the Tools You Need

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Carl Paige

Smartphone users have started experiencing the rise of DIY mobile phone repair, and the tools you need for fixing devices have become more accessible. From screen repair to battery replacement: DIY techniques have proven helpful with time.

Yet, DIY does not always require tips but ideal tools for repairs. If you’re yet to find out, we’ve outlined them for you in this article.

Rise of DIY Mobile Phone Repair and the Tools You Need

Which Tools Are Needed to Dismantle a Basic Mobile Phone?

Repair tools to break down or fix phones are readily available and helpful, but their usage can get your device in heck. If you are repairing a cracked screen protector or updating your software, the Duo is a quick fix, unlike dismantling the phone.

However, here are a few picks to help you pull apart your mobile phone if you’re looking for the perfect tools.

Precision screwdrivers

For every Smartphone, you will loosen or fasten screws to dismantle a device. The precision screwdriver helps in this process by featuring an accurately pointed metal to get you ahead. Unlike most other drivers, they are true to points when disassembling a mobile phone. Having their complete kit also makes repair processes more effective, even with the rise of DIY mobile phone repair and the tools you need to break down mobile phones.

Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is predominantly for fixing cuts but is also effective for dismantling devices. Apart from correcting minor damages with solder wires, you can use the iron to disengage components through the heat generated from the soldering station. Although they require careful applications, soldering irons are simple to use. They are also one of the functional tools amidst the rise of DIY mobile phone repair and the tools you need for a perfect breakdown of phones.


Have you ever heard of metal spudgers? They’re wide-flat metal having a shape similar to screwdrivers and function in breaking down devices. With a wedge-like base, you can easily hold the tool while separating a mobile phone’s electronic components without damaging the affected parts. Even better, the handheld tool requires no prior training before you can make the most of them. While their notch blade ends swiftly release the phone compartment, they aren’t hard to control with hands. They are also reliable as a complementary tool for removing batteries.

Is Smartphone Repair Profitable?

Smartphones are costly, and fixing some or all of their components can be equally pricey. If you have learned about DIY tips over time or have a keen interest in mobile phones, it is the best time to launch your Smartphone repair business. And earn a profit.

Starting a business involving sole proprietorships can be daunting and stretch your pocket, but the income and profit margin outweigh the disadvantages. Whether as long or short-term, smartphone repair is profitable. You can, however, choose to open a walk-in store or online shop to increase your revenue and maximize your income.

And, if you are still getting familiar with how phone fixes work, do not just venture into repair as a business owner. You can learn more about repair processes to increase your profit chances. As such, maximizing expertise with the rise of DIY mobile phone repair and the tools you need will place you ahead of competitors.

Can I Repair my Phone by Myself?

If you’ve exceeded the warranty term for your device and want to attempt a low-cost and affordable repair by yourself, you can opt for self-repair. Although repairing a Smartphone might not be a piece of cake, you can figure things out. Plus, an experienced techie does not necessarily need to do some quick fixes outdoors, such as soldering or replacing damaged removable batteries in a cell phone.

With a few videos and DIY tips, you can break down your phone components and create a lasting repair. Even so, there may not be a point in paying for minor fixes if you’ve developed the skills of DIY mobile repair over time. Just a simple flip, and you can switch.

However, it is best to employ the services of phone technicians when you’re new to a smartphone or DIY repairs. Regardless of the rise of DIY mobile phone repair and the tools you need for quick fixes, repairing your devices by yourself every time is not ideal. Herein, consulting after-sales repair services will save your phone the stress and risk that may lead to its permanent damage.

Carlcare is one such service specializing in durable repairs for mobile phones. The official after-sales service provider offers comprehensive repair services for TECNO, Infinix, and itel across countries, including Kenya and Africa. While simple DIY tips may not provide the means to inquire about or get reliable phone components, you can walk into their store to meet with professionals. With the Carlcare app - you can easily book a date online and locate their stores across Kenya.

What Kind of Tool is Best for Removing the Battery from a Phone?

Phone batteries are a delicate but essential component of mobile devices. Although durable, batteries are vulnerable to damage when used for extended periods in devices, which often prompts their replacement.

If your battery becomes damaged or is due for a replacement, there are various tools and clues to de-clog it from a phone. From removing phone covers to ejecting batteries from terminals, removing batteries from a phone is a bit complex - not even when they are non-removable.

While it requires careful handling, suction cups or screwdrivers are some of the best tools in handy to create a seamless removal. However, do not forcefully eject them, as you can consult a technician on the tools to use depending on the type of your battery.

Even with the rise of DIY mobile phone repair and the tools you need to remove phone components, ejecting a battery requires careful application. This helps prevent extra damage to the battery and the device itself.