Why itel Phone Hangs and How to Fix It

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Back in those days when phones were just used for communication only - basically texting and calling. No one worried about the phone hanging problem. It is frustrating for your phone to start hanging. Every function of the phone begins to slow down - it takes longer to scroll through webpages, load apps, multitasking becomes a past thing, the phone takes a long time to boot up, etc. We have put together some reasons why your itel phone hangs and possible solutions.

Why itel Phone Hangs and How to Fix it

Why itel Phone Hangs

When your phone uses up over 80% of your storage, your phone will most likely freeze. Engage in video watching, and playing games with a low-storage phone, your phone might also hang or freeze. All phones require sufficient storage space for all processes to work flawlessly and uninterrupted.

How to Fix Freezing or Hanging itel Phone 

1. Shut down background apps

If you notice your phone is slowing down or lagging, it might prevail because you're trying to run many apps at the same time. Every phone at its own capability and the number of processes it can take at once, especially if you own an entry-level phone, that is, a smartphone with little specs like RAM, storage, processor, etc.

To speed up your phone, try as much as to run a moderate number of apps at once and shut down background apps. To shut down background apps, kindly open the overview menu and tap the 'erase' button.

2. Visit Carlcare Service Center

If you've tried any of the above-mentioned fixes and your itel mobile phone is still hanging, one more thing to do is visit the service center. Carlcare is the exclusive service center to fix your itel mobile phone. You can quickly locate the nearest service center using the Carlcare mobile app or directly on our website.


You can also get free repair service for issues like this if you are still on warranty. Moreover, Carlcare has just introduced a service that will help you install some of the apps mentioned above on your phone without using your mobile data. Sounds cool, right? Visit the nearest Carlcare center today.

3. Avoid heavy apps and games

To further make using the phone smooth, Google introduced the Android Go version for entry-level devices to run apps with lesser capabilities and to reduce the amount of memory used by apps - thereby resulting in a faster and smoother experience for low-end devices. So, even if you're using a mid-range smartphone and your phone hangs, opt for a lighter version of apps like Google Go, Facebook Lite, Opera Mini, Phoenix Browser, etc.

Also, there are many games on Play Store that don't require much memory and storage space to run them. You can install games like PUBG Lite instead of PUBG, Asphalt Nitro instead of Asphalt 9, Dream League Soccer instead of PES, and many more.

4. Delete unimportant apps and files

Being in the Android OS, most of us do transfer numerous apps to one another, even ones we don't really need. If you want your phone to run smoothly, you need to be conscious of the apps you install. Apps, especially the ones that run constantly, up the phone's storage and RAM, thereby creating no space for the required memory to run essential processes. To keep your phone lag-free, try to go through your apps and uninstall pre-installed bloatware and apps you don't really need.

 To delete apps you don't use on your itel smartphone, kindly launch the Phone Master app and tap on 'App Management, the number of apps you rarely use will be at the bottom, tap to uninstall them. If there are some apps you need but rarely use, consider moving them to the freezer.

Also, to keep your itel phone running smoothly, always make sure there is enough free storage left. To release more storage, you can delete videos you've finished watching, unimportant files, etc. And most especially, utilize clearing of cache and junk files using Phone Master App on your itel device.

5. Find and delete corrupt apps

If your itel phone starts hanging after installing an app, try removing the app to get your phone working again. To delete such an app, you might need to reboot to Safe mode. Finding and delete the corrupted apps in Safe mode if the touchscreen works well and reboot your device normally.

6. Restart your phone

Though this may sound like a simple fix, restarting your phone can fix a lot of issues related to this, especially if you've been using your phone for days without restarting it. By restarting your phone, it shuts down all running apps and processes, clears the system cache, etc. So, if your itel phone is hanging, a simple restart can help fix it. Simply restart your phone by long-pressing the power button and tapping 'Restart'. Otherwise, you can also reboot your itel phone if you long-press the power button for about 8-10 seconds.

7. Keep the system and apps updated

Now and then, app developers are always working to optimize how apps run on the phone. If your phone hangs, there's the possibility that the app you're running is out of date or not compatible with your device anymore. To fix that, always make sure to keep your apps updated from the Google Play Store.

More so, itel Mobile releases system updates sporadically to keep your phone running smoothly and bug-free. A bug from the last updates may cause the phone to lag. So, make sure to check and install system updates to keep your phone running smoothly. To install a system update, kindly open the Settings app, scroll down to tap 'System', and select 'System Update'.