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Carlcare has been known to always put their customer’s needs first. With this in mind, Carlcare has continuously enhanced their service process thus improving network coverage and innovating service modes that greatly benefit customers. Recently, Carlcare has worked with SpeedAf to offer mobile repair pickup and delivery service in Lagos. This means that all Carlcare customers residing in Lagos can now get Carlcare services in the comfort of their homes. Some of the ways this mobile repair pickup and delivery services will benefit Carlcare customers living in Lagos include:

  • Money saving: customers will not spend on transportation going to the service center since we will go to your home for phone pickup and also send it back to you after cell phone repair
  • Time saving: customers can schedule a pickup and home delivery service at a time that is most convenient to them.
  • Helping to flatten the Covid-19 curve by avoiding areas with a high population.
  • You get to have the phone delivered to your home after repair so you won’t have to queue again at the service center for collection.

How to reserve for mobile repair pickup and delivery servie?

It is very simple to operate and what you need to do is just make an online appointment  for pickup and delivery service here

How does home delivery for phone repair work?

 Phone repair Home delivery services is as easy as this:

1.  Make an online reservation for pickup and delivery service

The first step is to make an online reservation here for pickup and delivery hereThen we will contact you to know about more details and arrange everything in advance. 

2. Pay the delivery service fee  

The total cost of phone pickup and delivery service is Naira 1000 for packages that weigh 0.5kgs or less. The pickup and delivery service is also only within the main city of Lagos. For those residing in other locations in Lagos, the receptionist will tell you the specific service fee.  

Note:  You can also only choose phone pickup or delivery service. If so, it will be Naira 500 for pickup or delivery service. 

3. The repaired phone is under delivery

Once your phone has been repaired in accordance with Carlcare’s SLA, the customer is notified of the repair completion via SMS. You will then be required to provide us with delivery delivery schedule/appointment date and time. After the details have been confirmed, delivery will be made in 24hours.

In the event a customer is unavailable at the point of collection, a 2nd delivery attempt will be made the next working day. Should the delivery fail the 2nd time, the phone will be returned to Carlcare’s service center.

Note: The customer will not receive a refund of the home delivery payment made earlier.

In the event a customer wishes to have their phone delivered to them for the third time , a customer will have to pay for the delivery. The additional cost will be Naira 500 for parcels weighing 0.5kgs or less. The customer can alternatively choose to collect the device at the service center at no extra cost.

If the customer had requested payment of Delivery Fee at the time of delivery – However, after 2 unsuccessful attempts, the customer can either demand a 3rd attempt of home delivery, for which delivery fee shall be applied for 1st & 3rd Attempt. i.e., N1000 (Naira 500 for each attempt) or customer can collect the repaired phone from the service centre, however the customer will have to pay the delivery fee for the attempt made.

Receive the repaired phone

Once delivery has been made, the customer is expected to receive the repaired phone and sign a form confirming that the phone was received. The person delivering the phone will provide the customer with the form to sign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • What happens when a customer refuses to pay on delivery?

SpeedAf will ensure that the phone is returned to Carlcare as soon as the next working day. The customer will be required to pay the delivery cost when they come to collect their phone at the service center.

  • What is the mode of payment for the home delivery service?

Customers can either choose to pau on delivery via POS, Cash e.t.c or at the service center.

  • What would cause a delay in the delivery process?
  1. There is a shortage of material at the repair center
  2. The customer is unavailable at the agreed delivery time
  3. The customer rejects the phone during delivery because if damage or isn’t satisfied with the repair service rendered.
  4. The customer provides wrong address, the delivery person is unable to reach/contact the customer via the phone/address provided.
  • What is the phone gets damaged, goes missing or gets lost?
  1. If the phone goes missing under the custody of SpeedAf, the phone’s value will be covered by an insurance i.e. the repair cost (if any) and the delivery fee.
  2. If the phone is damaged during delivery under the customer of SpeefAd, the delivery and repair fee will be covered by an insurance.
  • What indication will be made to show that a customer has paid the delivery fees?
  1. The Carlcare receptionist staff will remark the customer’s name and tag with ‘HSD’ (Home Service Delivery) for easy identification on CSM.
  2. In the ‘estimation’ remark area, the Carlcare staff will remark ‘SPEEDAF 500’

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