Best Accessory Deals on Infinix, TECNO and itel

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Planning to buy a USB cable for your Infinix, Tecno, or Itel phone? Don’t forget to take advantage of our exclusive event, which we’re hosting this month to provide our customers with amazing discounts on phone accessories, particularly USB cables. Designed exclusively for Carlcare App users, the event brings in handsome savings for those buying USB cables and other cool accessories for their devices! Super-saver deals are awaiting you! So don’t miss it.


What the event offers?

During 1th July-31th July, 2020, you can enjoy an extremely low price of USB cables for Infinix, TECNO, itel only at 100 Naira per USB cable.  Besides, we are also offering a 10% discount on all other accessories.

How to participate?

Step 1: You must make an online reservation here in advance. (Note: this is a mandatory condition to participate in the event) 

Step 2: Visit the Carlcare service center near to you to buy the USB cable or any other phone accessories such as phone Charger, Earphone, Memory Card, Power Bank, phone Battery, and Tempered Glassat

Date: The special period runs between 1st July, 2020 and 31st July, 2020.

usb cable specials for infinix, tecno


While a USB cable is on offer at a golden deal, don’t miss to browse our other tempting accessories as well. We are offering a flat 10% off on all mobile accessories including the Charger, Earphone, Memory Card, Power Bank, Battery, and Tempered Glass. You can browse the complete list in Carlcare app. Our prices are transparent and among the best in the market. On top of it, all the parts and accessories we sell are genuine and come with our reliable warranty, making your purchase all the more delightful. 

These special offers are valid for a selected inventory and will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, you are requested to make an early appointment. The offers are available till the stocks last!

Under this special event, the online reservation is what entitles you to get our exclusive discounts on USB cable and other accessories for your TECNO, Itel, and Infinix device.

Now some Frequently Asked Questions & Answers to clear your doubts


Q1] Can a person avail the benefits of the special deal if he/she does not place an order on Carlcare app?

Answer: We apologize but sorry, the special offer can be availed only via Carlcare app, which can be downloaded in advance or can also be accessed on the site. The promotional offer is available only via the Carlcare app.

Q2] What if a customer wishes to participate in the promotional event but the local branch falls short on inventory?

Answer: The special offer is available only for limited stock and for a limited period. The offer is on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, please make an online appointment at the earliest. Once your nearest branch runs out of stock, you will lose out on the special prize. However, on our part, we will surely inform you of similar promotional events held in the future.

Q3] If the branch runs out of USB cable, can I get a special discount on any other accessory?

Answer: For all other accessories, you get a discount at a flat 10%.

Q4] Are the USB cables and accessories sold under this event original?

Answer: The USB cables and all other accessories are official original factory products with quality guarantee.

Q5] Is there any warranty period for the USB cables sold under the special deal?

Answer: Yes, every USB cable sold under the specials enjoys a warranty period of 6 months. In case of malfunction, you can get them replaced at the Carlcare store.

Q6]. Is this promotion available across all Carlcare stores? 

Answer: This promotion is only carried out in Carlcare direct stores. Participating stores can be checked on the Carlcare App or promotion link. 

Q:7 Are the USB cables offered under this promotion are original?

Answer: Yes, these are genuine. And not just the data cables, all other accessories which are part of the promotion are officially original with guaranteed quality.

Q: 8 If the customer needs other repairs in addition to the cable, how would the discount be calculated?

Answer: You can get the discount amount by deducting the activity price from the total amount of cable and other accessories.

Q:9 Does the free cable include the Oraimo cable?

Answer: No, it’s not Oriamo cable. The specific list is subject to the gift list.