Become a Carlcare partner to grow your business

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Jide Mbaka

Do you own an offline shop and looking for more customers to patronize you? Things are about to change for you just right now! We’re ready to help you expand your services to a 27million+ active monthly users online while you remain your own boss.

If you’re willing to expand your business – maybe you’ve not shown your presence in the online space before, or you just don't know how to get a vast number of people to patronize you, there's no need to keep waiting anymore. You're about to reach a new milestone in your business!

Now introducing “Carlcare Online Partner," we're willing to help you and other offline shop owners showcase their shops and what they do online, and help our customers enjoy more services from various angles.

How to apply?

The application process is pretty simple, too. All you need to do is: Prepare all the information related to your shop and then apply to become a Carlcare partner online here


Make sure you’re in your shop while filling the form. We’ll need to get the exact location of your shop. More so, ensure your details are correct before hitting the submit button.


 become carlcare business partner

Our Target:

  • To help you promote your shop online.
  • Help our customers to enjoy different kinds of services.
  • Help you guide and redirect customers to your shop accurately.

It’s tiring to stay in your shop from morning till evening just to realize little or no sales at the end of the day. We’ve been through this, and we know how it feels.

Even if you've been making enough sales in the past, this offer will bump up what you're already used to. The target is apparent. We're working to help our customers at Carlcare to enjoy different kinds of services. And by partnering with us to expand our services, we also help you promote your market online.

What’s more, we guide customers to your shop accurately – not by providing them your shop address alone, but also by accompanying them on how to get there. A prominent example of what it looks like is the "Service Center Location" feature on our website and app, which gives our customers the precise location of our service centers based on Maps and how close they are to them. The best is yet to come!

Who is this offer for?

  • If you own an offline shop (including, but not limited to, phone repair shops, Phone accessories, automobile/motorcycle repair shop and more)
  • If you do not know how to find customers.
  • If you want to expand your business.
  • If you’re willing to try online business. (We'll expose your business to over a 27million+ active monthly users online!)

What do you gain from this so-called “Carlcare Online Partner” thing?

A wide range of entrepreneurs and shop owners face the problem of not getting enough people to patronize them.

Particularly, it’s not that there are no ones to 'buy what they're selling.' Many local shop-owners just don't know how to reach more people. And, if we're to be sincerely honest with you, the best way to expose your business in this era is getting to the online space!

Imagine millions of people getting to see your offers every month. Imagine us providing you free marketing posts on our official website, social media handles, pop-up notifications on people’s smartphones, and more.

This is probably more than what you hoped for. But it’s just what we’re willing to offer you.

Here’s the breakdown of what we offer you as a Carlcare Online Partner:

  • Get your shop exposed to a magnificent online user base (27million+ active users per month)
  • You get free online marketing service (Post, Twitter, Ins, Notification, Official Website, and more)
  • Like our existing "Online Reservation Service," you get professional online orders & shop information tool (Carlcare Partner App)
  • You get our team support and lots of other value-added services.

One more thing, by applying to become a Carlcare Online Partner, you get a professional online tool to organize your business. The Carlcare Partner App is very similar to our Online Reservation and Evaluation service, which allows customers to:

  • Get your shop information and contacts
  • Make and confirm orders
  • Evaluate your services
  • Rate your Store
  • And more.