Reserve & Win PHANTOM X—Your Chance to Win TECNO’s First Premium Phone!

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The Carlcare Online Repair Reservation Service is the quickest way to get your phone repaired. It saves you more time, money, and energy in the sense that you can skip the queue when you visit the repair centre. By making a repair reservation with Carlcare, we’ll treat you like a VIP customer; meaning you have priority over the regular customers (who might have been queueing for hours).

Meanwhile, you’re not only enjoying the VIP service this time; you also stand a chance of winning a PHANTOM X device and other prizes when you book a repair reservation these coming weeks!



Reserve & Win Phantom X and other Goodies!

One reason you probably don’t enjoy visiting the repair centre is the phobia of queueing for long hours. Isn’t it? Absolutely, no one enjoys wasting time on the queue.

And at Carlcare, we’d rather you spend that time on a more interesting task than queuing to repair your phone. That’s where our Online Repair Reservation comes in. And guess what? You can win big this fall if you make a repair reservation with us!

Being able to make a repair reservation and break the line-up process is already an offer on its own. Nonetheless, we will not seize on rewarding our customers with gratifying prizes when they use our services. With the “Reserve & Win Phantom X” event, you could own TECNO’s first premium device and other extravagances without paying a dime.

Unfortunately, the event isn’t open to everyone – only for those willing to book a repair appointment for their smartphones soon. Nonetheless, anyone can win the prizes, as the tasks are not too high.

If you make a repair reservation with us these coming weeks, you’ve successfully taken the first step in winning a prize from the event. In fact, start visualizing yourself swiping across the curved AMOLED display of the PHANTOM X, and taking your best shots with its 50MP industry-leading primary camera… when you take part and win.

What can you win from the event?

Before participating in any event, one thing you’d ask yourself first is “What’d I gain from the event?” Luckily, the “Reserve & Win Phantom X” event is loaded with substantial prices to win. You stand a chance to win TECNO’s high-end smartphone, earbuds, and other electrifying prizes. Here’s a list of what you can win from the event:

  1. A PHANTOM X -   For the grand winner
  2. Power Bank – For 10 lucky participants
  3. Hipods-H3 – For 10 lucky participants
  4. ₦300 Airtime – For 60 lucky participants
  5. ₦100 Airtime – For 400 lucky participants

How to take part?

Now, how do you get on board?

You only need to do three things and one of those prizes could be yours. Follow the steps below one after the other to take part in the event.

  1. Make a Repair Reservation through the Carlcare appor our website
  2. Visit and Like theCarlcare page on Facebook
  3. Participate in the Phantom X Lucky Draw event on the Carlcare app between the 27th and 29th of October 2021.

Making a repair reservation is easy. See how:

  1. From the Carlcare app, tap the “Make a reservation” You can also click hereto visit the reservation page directly.
  2. Complete the reservation form with the required details.
  3. Take a screenshot of the reservation order and take it to the repair centre on the reserved date.

How to participate in the Lucky Draw event:

The Lucky Draw event is the last phase of the Reserve & Win Phantom X contest. It goes live on the Carlcare app on 27th October and ends on 29th October; after which you get to know what you won. Here’s how to join the Lucky Draw:

  1. Launch the Carlcare app on the 27th, 28th, or 29th of October.
  2. You’ll see the Lucky Draw banner on the front page. Click on it to enter.
  3. Enter your order number there and wait for your prize!

Activity time

The “Reserve & Win Phantom X” event is open to anyone who makes a repair appointment with us from 27th September to 29th October this year. Following that is the traditional Lucky Draw event that determines what you’ll win from the event. You can access that on the Carlcare app two days before the event ends, starting from 27th October to 29th October, this year.

Where to participate in the event?

At the point of making an advance booking, you’ll be given some Service Stores based on your phone model and availability. Kindly make a reservation with the nearest Carlcare Service Store to participate in the event.

Bonus offer: Some Carlcare Service centres will compensate you with a pair of high-quality earphones when you visit them to fulfil your order. You may pick them while making the reservation to get that extra goody. Below are the stores:


Who goes home with the Phantom X?

With over 480 customers who would win prizes from this event, the Phantom X remains the grand prize as it’s the most expensive on the list. However, who’s going to win the device?

It could be you. All that you need is to make sure you visit the service centre to fulfil the reservation. We’ll program the Lucky Draw in such a way that only those who fulfil the reservation order are liable to emerge as the Phantom X winner.

Those who do not fulfil the order may be lucky to win another prize, besides Phantom X, from the list.

Carlcare app: Your All-in-One Repair Companion

The Carlcare app is loaded with tons of features and utilities to make repairing your smartphone easier than ever. For many, it’s the quickest way to get customer support. And for others, it serves as a repair price checker, warranty status checker, service centre locator, avenue for quick smartphone tips, and many more.

Moving forward, the Carlcare app opens you to our latest offers, contests, and events where you can get the big bangs for your bucks and free prizes like this.

If you own a TECNO, Infinix, or itel smartphone, the Carlcare app should be pre-installed on your phone. If not, get the latest version from the Play Store to make repairing your phone less stressful, and be the first to see our next Event/Contest/Lucky Draw!