Carlcare Service Day in Nigeria: Free workmanship, accessory deals and more.

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Jide Mbaka

Do you wish to get after-sales service at a cheaper rate or even free? Carlcare service day is the day specially reserved for our customers. Phone repairs are cheaper without workmanship costs. There are discounts on accessories and you also enjoy other free services such as phone cleaning and software upgrades, just to speak a few. We are particularly excited about the activities we have lined up for you at our service centers on Carlcare Service days. Keep reading to learn more about the activities, locations, dates and time of these special service days.

 carlcare service day

When is Carlcare service day?

The special service days are a bi-monthly (twice a month) exercise, first in the middle of the month and second at the end of the month. Specific dates for each month are communicated via our digital channels before the D-day. So stay connected to us on Facebook - CarlcareServiceNG, Instagram - @carlcare_service and Twitter - @carlcareglobal to get information of the special service dates when they’re shared.

Where do we have Carlcare service day?

We operate over 200 service centers & partner stores across Nigeria which includes 14 major service centers in prominent Nigerian cities. The Carlcare service day holds in our major service centers which are in Lagos (Ikeja & V.I), Abuja, Aba, Onitsha, Ibadan, Ilorin, Akure, Uyo, Kano, Port Harcourt, Benin & Imo. Use the ‘Location finder’ on our website or mobile app to find the specific address to the service center in your city that holds the service day activity.

What type of free services are available on Carlcare service day?

FREE WORKMANSHIP-On Carlcare Service days, all repairs on phones out of warranty will be charged zero labor fees. That is, you will only be paying for the spare part that will be replaced.

DISCOUNT ON ACCESSORIES - We are also offering huge discounts on accessory sale depending on the number of accessories you buy. 2 accessories attracts a 10% discount on the total cost, 4 accessories gets you 20% discount and 6 accessories gets you a whopping 25% discount. Amazing right? Yes! The discount covers accessories like earpieces, chargers, USB cables, power banks, memory cards and more.

FREE PHONE CLEANING - Phone problems like the unclear speaker or blurry screens are often caused by dirt intrusion. If left unchecked for a prolonged period of time, it can cause permanent damage to your device and eventually require replacement. On Carlcare service days, we will be providing free phone cleaning service to customers to solve any problem that might be caused by dirt intrusion.

FREE SOFTWARE UPGRADE - A common cause of phone software problems is outdated system software. Software updates are created to make your device run more efficiently and resolve software malfunctions that arise during usage. Although software updates can be done in the settings on your phone, sometimes you might have issues downloading the update. We update phone software for free on Carlcare Service days.

KNOWLEDGE SHARING SESSION - Most of the time when we experience a problem with our phone, we don’t have the required knowledge to solve it. For example; you notice your phone hangs sometimes and don’t know what causes it. This may be caused due to low storage space or too many apps running at the same time. Vital knowledge like this can save you from coming to the service center for minor problems you can solve yourself. We will be sharing tips like this on troubleshooting phone problems and how to avoid customer service issues when you visit our service center.

Carlcare Service is the official service provider to offer customer care for TECNO, Infinix, itel, Syinix & Oraimo devices. With the Carlcare Service day, we take customer care up a notch by dedicating not just one but two days every month to providing you with discounted phone repair, accessories sale and some free services. If your TECNO/Infinix/itel screen is broken, battery draining fast or phone hanging, make an Online Reservation or go directly to Carlcare service center on the special service day according to information shared on our digital platforms to have it fixed at a discounted rate or even free depending on your phone problem.