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Here's another chance to win a significant prize with Carlcare. Take a careful look around! Encourage those in need (TECNO/Infinix/Itel users) to have their phones repaired at Carlcare. You'll have a chance to win money for each successful repair. You cam simply click the cashInvite link to particpate or read the how to participate below.

How To Participate


  • Book your repair via this exclusive link


  • Wait till they finished repairing their phone at Carlcare
  • Get your money from Carlcare




NOTE: Event Start in April

Invitation reward details:

new users (under warranty ₦60 /out of warranty ₦300) 

regular users (under warranty ₦30/out of warranty ₦120) 



Q: How to define new users and regular users?

A:New users are who didn't use reservation before, Regular users are who have used reservation before the campaign.

Q: How to define out of warranty orders and under warranty orders?

A:Under warranty orders mean the phone  is still under warranty and there is no charge for repairs. Out of warranty orders mean the phone is out of warranty and you were charged for repairs.

 Q:I invited a friend to repair his phone,and  his phone is out of warranty,why is the estimated reward same with under warranty?

A:Since the warranty status of the user's mobile phone cannot be judged during the invitation stage, we will display the rewards of under warranty by default. Once the phone is successfully repaired, the actual rewards will be calculated according to users' phones warranty

Q:Why are the rewards different when my 2 friends have completed the orders successfully?

A:   The rewards of new users and regular users are different. If you want higher income, you need to invite new users to reserve and complete the orders

 Q:My friend made an appointment on the 31th Dec. for repairs,but he repaired on the 4th Jan., can I get the money?

A:Yes, As long as the order is booked before the campaign ends, and the order is completed within 7 days after the campaign ends, you could get the money

 Q:I invited my friend, but why didn't the income accumulate?

A: 1. Make sure your friend book via your exclusive link

     2.Make sure their orders have completed, what it means that they repair their phones in Carlcare.

     3.If both are done correctly, please contact us: Online Chat

 Q: How can I receive the money?

A: You can withdraw the income from 25th to 30th every month via the button named withdraw income. If you do not withdraw in the current month, you can postpone the withdrawal to the next month.

 Q: Why did I invite a friend to make a reservation, but the data is not displayed?

A: Pls wait a moment and refresh the page to check

 Q: How to check my earning details?

A: Click ""Current earnings"" >>>Check the order list you invited

 Q: Nothing happens when copying the link, what should I do?

A: 1. pls log out the app account first then close app;

  1. Open Carlcare app and re-login;
  2. Click the campaign banner and participate in it

 Q: What is the difference among ""Current earnings"","" Received Amount"",""Account Balance""?

A: 1. Current earnings means how much income you have accumulated during the campaign.

  1. Received amount means how much money you have applied to transfer to your card/phone from Carlcare during the event;
  2. Account balance means the amount leaves in your account;

Current earnings= Received amount + Account balance


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