Notice of No Warranty Service Policy for Cross-region Sale Devices in Nigeria

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Jide Mbaka

In order to encourage consumers to purchase TECNO/Infinix mobile phones from official channels so as to protect consumers' rights to legally enjoying official warranty service in Nigeria, Calrcare will not provide after-sales warranty service for Infinix and TECNO mobile phones sold through non-authorized channels in Nigeria, except those officially shipped from the following countries:

Benin、Niger、Nigeria、Burkina Faso、Togo、Gambia、Guinea、Ghana、Cote d'Ivoire、Liberia、Mali、Mauritania、Sierra Leone、Senegal、Angola、Republic of the Congo、The Democratic Republic of the Congo、Gabon、Cameroon、Chad、CAR、Burundi、Kenya、Rwanda、South Sudan、Tanzania、Uganda、Zimbabwe、Malawi、Mozambique、Zambia.

This policy will take effect starting on March 17, 2022. Carlcare reserves all rights for final interpretation.