How to repair and maintain Syinix Air Conditioner

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Synix air conditioner is one of the popular ACs you will ever purchase due to their high quality and guaranteed services. The Synix Air Conditioners come with a 24+1 assured warranty. This means that repair done within the warranty period is free of charge except for any physical damage.

Where to repair synix Air Conditioner.

For the air conditioning repair, all the maintenances and routine inspections should be taken care of by a trained technician. Carlcare service center is the only authorized Synix AC after-sales service provider that has plenty of professional AC repair technicians. At Carlcare, Air Conditioner repairs are done both in warranty and out of warranty.

Professional technicians at Carlcare assure you of great maintenance and repair service as they are highly skilled. Moreover, the parts affected by the physical impact are replaced by the original parts to ensure high quality and stable performance. Thus, the maintained air conditioner will be as good as a new one after repair. To find the nearest Carlcare service centre, go to the 'Location' section on our website and you will be able to search for a service centre near you. You can also download Carlcare app and make an appointment online for Syinix air conditioner repair. 

Some air conditioner maintenance tips 

A little regular upkeep not just keeps your AC in good health, but also saves you from the hassles & costs of repair visits. So here’re some handy air conditioner maintenance tips for your air conditioner. 

Routinely Change of Air Filters 

Let’s start with the most important one: a routinely cleaning or replacement of the air filters are highly important to maintain/improve the efficiency of your AC. 

If the filters are clogged or dirty, the airflow gets obstructed, resulting in reduced efficiency and higher energy consumption by your air conditioner. The dirt stocked in the filters gradually reaches to the evaporator coil, where it directly impacts the system’s heat-absorbing capacity.  

It’s therefore advisable to clean or replace the filters frequently, preferably every two months. And if your AC is in constant use, you may consider changing them every month. There’s an array of air filters used nowadays. If you’re unsure which type to opt, call at Carlcare. Our AC experts will recommend the best one based on your specific model. 

Cleaning of Coils and Fins

Same like the filters, the coils in your AC require regular attention. Even when the filters are clean, the coils can accumulate some dirt that adversely affects the airflow and heat-absorbing ability. So you should clean the coils timely, more so if your outdoor environment contains dust or foliage in abundance. For your Synix AC, you can do the cleaning yourself or seek professional help from Carlcare Service.  

Make Sure the Fins are not Bent 

Most ACs have aluminum fins which tend to bent easily over the regular use. If you notice this, straighten them to bring in the original condition. Having your fins straight and steady is important for a smooth and swift airflow through the coil. To do this, you can use a tool called “fin comb” or call a professional repair agency. 

Scavenge the Unit Regularly 

Another reason why your AC system shows signs of a decreased efficiency is the debris and dirt collected in/around the unit. Make sure you clean it timely. This is more necessary if there’s some shrub or plant near the AC. Don’t let the leaves, dirt, and grass accumulated outside your AC unit.

Protection against Rust and Harsh Weather

When winter comes and your AC is not in use, it’s better to cover it up properly, or simply remove and store it. This is to protect the unit from harsh weather and dust. Many times, the unused AC gets rust over the outer parts, fins, and coils. You can try a rust-prohibitive coating to keep this issue away. 

If you need professional help for the best cleaning, repair, and maintenance of your Synix air conditioners, Carlcare’s adept technicians are just a call away.