Is it worth repairing your tablet?

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Is your tablet under warranty? If so, you may get it repaired for free. The decision to repair it weighs on various factors like; The tab’s fault, warranty status, the repair cost or if your phone has an authorized service center. With TECNO tablets you worry about less when it is faulty because TECNO devices come with a 13 month warranty which means you may have your TECNO tab repaired for free if it’s still within 13 months of purchase and the stated warranty policy.

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  1. ASSESS THE DAMAGE: The first thing you need to do when you want to repair your TECNO tablet is assess the damage to know what needs to be repaired and if it will be repaired for free. A broken screen for example will not be repaired for free because TECNO’s warranty policy does not cover physical damage done to the device by the user.
  2. CHECK WARRANTY: Check the warranty of your device to know if it has not exceeded the specified warranty period. To check this, use the ‘Warranty’ feature on our website or through theCarlcare App . It’s important to check your warranty before visiting a service center so you know if you’re getting your phone repaired for free.
  3. CHECK REPAIR PRICE: From the assessment of the tablet’s fault done earlier you can tell what exactly needs to be repaired. So the next thing you need to do is check how much it’ll cost you to fix your TECNO tablet. You can check spare parts prices on the Carlcare Website or Mobile app by using the ‘Price’ feature.
  4. FIND A SERVICE CENTER: The last step to getting your phone fixed is to visit a TECNO authorized service center. Carlcare Service is the authorized  after sales service provider for TECNO devices. To find a Carlcare service center near you, use the ‘Location’ feature on Carlcare’s Mobile application or Website. You can also find a service center close to you by searching ‘Carlcare Service’ on Google Maps.

Weigh your options and choose what works best for you. If you decide to repair your tablet, Carlcare provides professional repair service for TECNO devices, follow the instructions above to find a service center and have your TECNO tab repaired. If you have an older tablet it may be less costly to swap it for a newer device with more recent specs than to repair, you can visit a Carlcare service center to swap to a newer tab.