7 Easy Ways to Fix Instagram Crashing on Android

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With over 2 billion subscribers, Instagram is one of today's top social media platforms. However, using the IG app can be frustrating for some Android users. This article highlights 7 easy ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android and other related issues.

There are so many fun ways to connect with people via Instagram. Moreover, IG is now a viable marketplace for selling any product online. Still, only some smartphone users enjoy these benefits. So if you're having issues operating the Instagram app on your mobile phone as you’d like, you’ve come to the right place.

If Your IG App Crashes on Your Smartphone, Fix it Effortlessly using these 7 Methods

Instagram comes with many excellent features. Still, it's common to have problems operating the Android phone app. For instance, the application may crash during use. When your device experiences this software glitch, deal with it using the following techniques.

1. Restart Your Smartphone

One easy fix for Android app crashes is to restart your phone. This action is simple but effective when Instagram keeps stopping when you open it on your phone.

To restart your device, press the power button to switch it off. Then, after a minute, you can put it on again. For some devices, you'll see a prompt on the screen with two options:

  • Restart– which will put the device off and on automatically and almost immediately
  • Power Off– the device will go off until you put it back on manually

Restarting your smartphone seems simple but can work wonders in helping your device overcome lags, clear any glitches, and reset any malfunctions in its system.

2. Force Stop and Restart the Instagram App

This step works as a quick fix to refresh the app memory. Use the following steps:

  • Go to Settingson your phone
  • Find Appsand select Instagram from the list
  • Locate the Force Stopbutton on the page
  • Next, relaunch Instagram and enter your login details to continue your session

3. Uninstall and Re-install or Update IG for Android

Furthermore, you can uninstall Instagram and re-install it on your smartphone. This step works like restarting your phone; it'll refresh the phone's memory and clear your device of simple software errors. On Play Store, search for the app and tap Uninstall at the top of the app page. Then, re-install it via the same page.

Similarly, updating the Android app has its benefits. For example, newer app versions often come with improved bug fixes. Updating your IG app can help deal with existing glitches on your phone's software.

To update Instagram, navigate to Google Play Store on your phone. Next, click on your profile, and locate the section showing downloaded apps on your device. Select Instagram from the list and tap Update. When the process completes, open the app and enjoy.

4. Check if the Available Device Storage is Sufficient

Yet another one of the 7 easy ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android is to ensure you have adequate device storage. Having at least 15% free storage is good enough to enable IG and other phone apps to work well.

If the phone storage is low, you'll be unable to re-download or update the Instagram app. Likewise, if you already have the app, it will stop when you open it. Because the device memory is low, some app functions may not work.

To check storage on Android, locate your device settings. Search for Storage from the available options. On the screen, you'll see the total device storage, the amount in use (by the phone system, apps, and media), and the amount unused or available. If your device is too full, you can free up memory by deleting useless apps, pictures, and videos.   

5. Clear the IG App Cache and Data

Aside from decluttering your phone storage, clearing all the data associated with the Instagram app is possible. This step lets you get the app working as if it's recently downloaded.

Firstly, go to Apps in the Android device settings. After clicking on Instagram, search for Storage on the app page. You'll see how much space Instagram is using on your device. Next, tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache options to start the process. Note, though, this action will erase all the data related to IG from your phone.

6. Opt Out of Beta App Testing

For app developers, having a Beta program helps them test out new app features with a select group of users before rolling it out to the general public. However, as a Beta Tester, your Instagram app can be highly unstable and prone to crashes. So the best step is to opt out and revert to a stable app version.

For this step:

  • Open up Google Play Store
  • Search for the Instagramapp and click on it
  • At the bottom of the page, locate the You’re a beta tester window
  • Select the Leaveoption and hold on for notification
  • After, uninstall your current IG and install a regular version

7. Update Your Phone to the Latest Version

If the IG app keeps stopping while working, you’ll need to check if your phone is operating on the latest software version. Issues like Instagram crashing on Android can occur if the older version does not support the latest app features or lacks the necessary bug fixes.

On your phone’s Settings, you can find the Software Update option. Select it to download and install the latest software patches to keep your phone up to speed.


Engaging with other people on social media is an exciting experience. With all its fantastic features, Instagram aims to enhance your online experience fully.

However, issues like the Android app crashing or not working can limit your fun. For this reason, we’ve highlighted 7 easy ways to fix Instagram crashing on Android. These methods also help deal with other software malfunctions on your phone.

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