How to fix a broken phone screen in Nigeria?

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Jide Mbaka

Although modern-day phones come equipped with substantially sturdy screens, yet they are not infrangible at all. We tend to accidentally drop the phone down that can lead to a broken or damaged screen. When your phone is cracked, you may urgently need to find a best place to fix a broken phone screen given the phones are so indispensable part of life that we just can’t stay off them even for a day. 

So the next thing you would want is an on-time and impeccable phone screen replacement. Scouring the options, you may see ample mobile repair shops in the local market and online. But with them, there’s always a risk of poor quality parts and imperfect screen fitting. Your best bet is hiring a professional and reliable phone repair company. Even better if you opt to get the screen replaced at the authorized service center. Because that’s where you’ll be assured about original and high-quality screen replacement.

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Quite naturally, if you own a TECNO, Itel, or Infinix phone device, seeking a good quality screen replacement, you should not look beyond Carlcare Service! Carlcare is the authorized service center for these brands, and our repairs are of high-quality standard, with only genuine parts being used, to fix cracked phone screen as good as new again. 

Furthermore, our trained technicians know each component of your phone, assuring a flawless screen replacement that’s best-fitted to your specific model. 



Easy and Hassle-Free Process: At Carlcare Service, we’ve made the Screen Replacement process extremely easy and hassle-free for you. 

It’s a matter just 3 steps:

  1. Check Price   
  2. Schedule Service (Online Reservation)   
  3. Get Repaired at your selected service center.

Online Reservation Option allows you to choose exactly what you want and also saves you from waiting in the queue.

Alternatively, walk down to your nearest Carlcare center directly and let our technicians do the magic. They will check your device thoroughly and provide a fast, professional replacement. 

Premium Quality : This is what makes our screen replacement stand out. We use only genuine and premium-quality screens, which are thoroughly tested for their features and functionalities. 

As the authorized service center, we use only genuine and premium-quality screens, which are designed to fit precisely within that particular device. Also, these screens have thoroughly been tested for their features and functionalities, and hence ensures you a smooth usage for a long run.
Getting your screen replaced at an uncertified repair center might be cheaper, but since the quality cannot be assured you may end up wasting your money. Besides, these duplicate screens which you get from unreliable repair shops may come with loose parts, or issues with display quality like blurry screens or lower color contrasts.

Reliable Warranty: The new repaired phone screens bought from Carlcare come with a reliable warranty of up to 30 days. This means if it gets any defect during the warranty period, Carlcare will fix it free of cost. Can it get better than this? 

Transparent Prices

This is yet another advantage of choosing us for a phone screen replacement. Our prices are not just reasonable, but they are transparent too.

You can check the cost of screen replacement for major TECNO, Itel and Infinix devices, iPhone or other phone brands through Carlcare app. Just run the Carlcare app and tap on"Price" option in the interface to check the price details. And this will surely put you on ease, as you already know how much would it cost you, before taking your phone to a Carlcare service center to fix your cracked phone screen. 

Trained Service Engineers: Your phone is handled by our trained and experienced engineers. So sit back and relax… the result will be fine. The replaced screen will look and function like a new one. 

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  1. Where should you take it: As discussed, the best option is to go to the authorized service center. One of the obvious benefits is that if your phone is still under warranty or some additional Screen protection plan, you’re likely to save a good amount of money on your screen replacement. 
  2. Quality of Screen:Without much preamble, it’s recommended that you should go only with a genuine, good-quality screen. A counterfeit, cheap-quality screen soon starts creating issues, and is not worth the money, even if it’s affordable.
  3. Is the Price Too Cheap or Too High:Original screens don’t come cheap, as they are built to pass the brand’s quality standard. If the vendor offers the screen replacement too cheaply, chances are it’s is not genuine. You better deal with a reliable and authorized phone repair center to avoid such trade-off.



Carlcare’s free broken screen replacement insurance plan is designed to reduce the hassle and financial burden caused by a screen replacement. Once bought and activated in your TECNO or Infinix smartphone, this service entitles you to get Carlcare’s genuine screen replacement absolutely FREE, in case you damage the phone screen during the warranty period.

Exclusively catering to TECNO and Infinix users, the plan helps you save money and at the same time ensures a great peace of mind.

The best thing is, the service cards are reasonably priced and can easily be availed from your nearby Carlcare center.